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Comment Re:Give Up (Score 1) 932

Do you know what kind of descriptions you get when you ask someone non-technical to tell you what's on the screen?

Heh, I sure do... and deciphering them quickly and accurately is probably my most valuable skill from an employability perspective. But I'm actually getting paid for it, so yeah.

Comment Re:Jocks are FEARFUL ! (Score 1) 401

Being a prick is among the most effective methods (and certainly the most easily grasped and implemented) of acquiring personal wealth and/or managerial status, which are the litmus by which mainstream American culture measures success. I was not kidding with the final line of the GP post.

My point isn't that people should be pricks, or that I respect people who are. My point is that people who do behave that way suffer no subjective hardship; they climb corporate ladders and feel quite pleased with themselves, and alternately disdain or feel sorry for we bleeding-heart peaceniks / naive romantics.

Can you be "successful" without being a prick? Sure. It's a shitload harder, is all; those who manage it are laudable exceptions to the trend.

Comment Re:Jocks are FEARFUL ! (Score 1) 401

This sort of shit is why you get picked on.

And that is the jock/geek dichotomy in a nutshell. It is socially acceptable, even admired, to flaunt one's muscle and belittle others for having less.

It is absolutely unacceptable to flaunt one's intelligence and belittle others for having less.

Belittling others is, of course, central to American society. So the jocks hold all the cards.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 190

Ah... well, that at least makes sense. :)

Mathematical possibility aside, I had no illusions that a non-Republicrat candidate would be elected in any case; as such, I helped to gather enough registered electors (myself included) in California for Ron Paul write-ins to be tallied rather than simply discarded, then got as many people as possible to use him as their protest vote. More effort but a similar outcome, and I can honestly say that I picked the candidate who would best represent my interests!

Speaking of which, I want to thank you for touching on that in your later reply: "A vote against your own interests is worse than wasted." It's seriously refreshing to see someone who understands that a vote is an act of self-representation, not a cheer for a champion.

(-1 Off-topic)

Comment Re:Are we surprised? (Score 2, Funny) 334

[blockquote]One thing that's remarkably consistent is that fake AV peddlers seem to be systematically not native English speakers. I can't remember the last time I saw one of their sites without some kind of typo on it. It my be worthwhile to train lusers solely based on that criterion.[/blockquote]
wat r u talkng abot?

btw usa#1!!!

Comment Re:and yet NYC still has traffic jams (Score 1) 882

It's rarely possible to pass the highway patrol in my area. California has flow-of-traffic laws which adjust freeway speed limits based on surrounding traffic, on the basis that when everyone else is zipping along near 80, the one going 65 is a hazard. One of my favorite things to do is get behind a speeding cop and match velocity, which is perfectly legal (assuming no lights/siren). Sometimes they'll pull off and get behind me, but I'm back down to 65 by the time they're in position. Invariably they'll pass me again and we'll both get where we're going nice and quick!

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