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Comment Re:Civ was my offline game (Score 2, Informative) 295

When a user installs your game, the DRMS server collects information from the customer's computer that uniquely identifies it. The collected information is used in combination with the metadata regarding your executable file to generate a custom binary, that checks that it is running on the user's computer. If the user changes the configuration of their computer such that the CEG checks would fail to identify the computer, the CEG system will automatically generate a new executable file for the user, and update their game installation. These checks occur whenever your game is run, regardless of whether the computer is connected to the Internet or not. In addition to examining the user's computer, the CEG system will detect tampering with the executable file, and will conceal its workings from reverse engineering.

Should still be able to play it while offline, it would only require an internet connection when installing or after changing your hardware.

Comment Flawed reasoning? (Score 1) 459

I'm assuming only jailbroken iphones can run pirated games, according to the estimates at most 10% of the phones are jailbroken. The article seems to assume that the other 90% are all paying customers for a specific app. Not true of course, no app/game has 100% market share. For example if an game is installed on 11% of the iphones, of which only 1% are non-jailbroken, then they could be losing as much as 91% of their sales to piracy. I say "could" because not everyone would buy it....but it is by no means limited to 10%.

Comment Re:more to the point, is this really necessary? (Score 1) 169

As a EU citizen, i'm in general very proud with the way the EU sues companies who don't play by the rules. Contrary to what the MS-trolls might claim, they don't target Microsoft specifically, they go after many different companies in various industries. As far as i can tell the EU maintain a fair approach in deciding who to sue.

However, i agree with the parent's sentiment in that i find this compromise ridiculous and unnecessary. Most/all people who install an OS should be/are computer-literate enough to be able to put an installer on an USB stick or CD, so that they can install any software they need after they install the OS. Computer manufacturers like HP, Dell etc have no problem installing all sorts of crap programs with the PCs they deliver, adding a webbrowser to that should be no problem at all, and if MS illegaly tries to force these manufacturers to install IE instead of other browsers, the EU can sue them again.

I see absolutely no reason why a web browser is so vital to a computer that it must be installed at the same time as the OS, especially with such a "ballot screen" which raises all sorts of valid questions mentioned in the summary

Comment Re:Pyro is a female! (Score 2, Insightful) 590

Except that the typical american settings is not all-white....and the research was not about japanese games vs american and global ethnic diversity. (we'd need a lot more Indians in games then, i see no mention of that)

The results show a systematic over-representation of males, white and adults and a systematic under-representation of females, Hispanics, Native Americans, children and the elderly.'

This suggests to me that they did specifically compare games with a US setting to the actual ethnic distribution in the US, and found that some ethnic groups where underrepresented. If it truely is a case of "write what you know" then the developers/designers should get out more often. Honestly though, i think ignorance does play a part, but that it's probably also marketing related. If say 50% of your target audience is a white male, and the remaining 50% is everything else, then it's no surprice that 90% of games focus on that 50% of the target audience, it's the easiest, largest group to target.

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