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Comment Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 124

You bought a device from a company that makes most of it's money from ads and you're surprised when it said device suddenly has ads... I'm not shocked about this and I'm surprised it took this long...

I'm just surprised it wasn't like "Hey, I've checked your schedule and you've got a couple free hours tonight, based on your movie preferences you'll like Beauty and the Beast! It's showing at a theater that's 1.5 miles away from you! Would you like to purchase advanced tickets?"

Submission + - How would you solve the IM problem?

Artem Tashkinov writes: The XKCD comics has posted a wonderful and exceptionally relevant post in regard to the today's situation with various instant messaging solutions. E-mail has served us well in the past however it's not suitable for any real time communications involving video and audio. XMPP was a nice idea however it has largely failed except for a low number of geeks who stick to it. Nowadays some people install up to seven IMs to be able to keep up with various circles of people. How do you see this situation being resolved?

People desperately need a universal solution which is secure, decentralized, fault tolerant, not attached to your phone number, protects your privacy, supports video and audio chats and sending of files, works behind NATs and other firewalls and has the ability to send offline messages. I believe we need a modern version of SMTP.

Submission + - Google's DeepMind In Talks To Use AI To Manage UK's National Electricity Grid

Mickeycaskill writes: Google’s DeepMind division is in talks with the National Grid to bring artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations, with the goal of improving energy efficiency across the UK.

The talks are at rather early stages, with both firms exploring how AI and such smart systems can be best deployed when it comes to supplying electricity across Britain.

“One really interesting possibility is whether we could help the National Grid maximise the use of renewables through using machine learning to predict peaks in demand and supply," said a spokesperson.

Google currently uses DeepMind’s work on AI, specifically deep learning artificial neural networks, which essentially is digital attempt to replicate human brain picks apart and processes data, to smartly manage the cooling of its data centres, which are often praised for their energy efficiency.

Submission + - Software for Synthetic Biology Makes DNA Editing Easy (ieee.org)

the_newsbeagle writes: In the fast-growing field of synthetic biology, researchers and startups need ways to rapidly edit the DNA sequences of organisms. Then they can synthesize the DNA to spec and insert it into living organisms to see how it affects their life functions. They might do that based on scientific curiosity or a profit motive—imagine, for example, if a bacteria could be rejiggered to naturally exude a biofuel or a vaccine.

One group of researchers is trying to build a completely synthetic organism—a single-celled yeast—by building synthetic versions of its 16 chromosomes and putting them into a cell. To design this weird new critter, they had to invent a software program called BioStudio that make editing the genetic code as easy as cut & paste. It also has a feature akin to track changes, so genetic edits that turn out to be "bugs" and make the yeast malfunction can be rolled back. It's the kind of tool geneticists will need as they explore this new design frontier—the design of life itself.

Comment Re:Horses and barns (Score 1) 32

Anonymous grousing, what the fuck ever. PAX put a stake through E3's heart years ago.

I'm yet to go to a PAX event that isn't packed to the gills with people. Every year in Boston they need to expand the venue.

Just keep telling yourself PAX {WEST, WEST, SOUTH, AUSTRALIA, DEV} isn't a thing... That they're not huge events with thousands of people attending.

I'm sure it'll make you feel better to keep reading the junk press releases.

Comment Writing style (Score 2) 108

It is certainly true that consumers, particularly low-income consumers, like getting free or subsidized data plans. There is no doubt about that. But when the subsidies are coming from the big tech companies, who can easily pay them, to buy competitive advantage over that nimble startup that is scaring them, well we know how that movie ends.

I really object to this person's writing style, which repeatedly seeks to put words in others' mouths rather than proposing facts and backing them up with cites as appropriate. "We all know" that that's the writing style of someone who may well be running a spin game rather than an information dissemination game. I want to be informed, not pushed into going along for the ride.

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