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Comment Example of something working? (Score 1) 128

Is there a SINGLE instance where a company that was given one of these government contracts actually delivered what was asked for and it wasn't a screeching shitshow?!? Maybe it's simply that the failures are all that get reported and there are companies doing a bang up job without any fanfare...

As much as the MCT will be what gets us to Mars, just as likely it will be because NASA will be hobbled by bureaucracy, bad tools and lack of vision.

Comment Re:How dare they hack NY Times reporters! (Score -1, Troll) 61

So...it's NSA's fault when foreign intelligence services conduct espionage against US political parties, media organizations, etc., and actively try to influence the outcomes of US elections, and manipulate the opinions of US citizens? You realize that no matter who wins in November, possibly millions of Americans will believe the election was stolen or rigged, and possibly by foreign influence?

I know, I know -- in this crowd, the US is the enemy, here, and we don't actually need to have any kind of foreign intelligence capability; NSA's sole purpose for being is to figure out ways to illegally spy on Americans so it can solidify the power base of shadowy elites. Or something. Whenever I need to be reminded of just how out of touch many people are with history, reality, or both, I read Slashdot comments.

Comment Pi with an SO-DIMM Slot? SATA connectors? GigE? (Score 3, Interesting) 129

Thank you for creating a such an awesome and useful little computer.

I've used Pi's to do everything from automatically watering my xmas tree to teaching a fourth grade class basic electronics to doing remote backups of my data (with a pi in my house and one far away at my buddies.)

That last operation suffers greatly from the lack of ram resources on a raspberry pi. My "pi" in the sky remote backup node has an SO-DIMM slot on the back I could stick a 8 or 16GB so-dimm in. 1-4 SATA ports so I write faster and a gigE ethernet interface.

I understand that you're under financial pressures to keep the cost down, but I see a real market for a Pi 3+.

Also, follow slashdotters... if there's a platform out there that accomplishes this that's not a proprietary NAS let me know. I've also investigated several microST motherboards but I don't want to have to deal with a "real" power supply, etc.

Comment Water is wet, fire is a chemical reaction... (Score 1) 147

Considering some of the passwords that I give and still manage to get a "Strong" rating I'm not surprised. It's a silly piece of javascript code that tries to measure complexity... quick and dirty.

What sucks is this obviously lulls people into thinking they've got a great password when a password like "1PaR0fSt1nkYS0cks!" while it'll get a strong rating... isn't strong...

Comment Still not conviced (Score 3, Interesting) 272

I'm still not convinced this isn't some sort of odd false flag operation.

Imagine you're the NSA and you've been unable to get inside of some other countries likely air gapped cyber security operation... putting some juicy tools out there they're likely to snatch up and play with at least get you to see who the players are and maybe these tools work maybe they blow up... As for the vulnerabilities, with so many people playing this game, any vulnerability not found by the NSA is likely to be found by some other organization.

Even the vulnerabilities could be snares... I'm suspect of all of this and think it's just part of a big ruse.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

I owned a Volt for two years and Monday through Friday I drive to and from work 31 miles each way. I have a charger at my house and one at work. During the week, I don't use a drop of gas. I also live in New England where the temperature's this week have been in the high 90's, but in February we went a week where at the average temp was -10 with a low of -22. I've seen zero degradation of my battery life.

Now on the weekends I drive the car out of the range of the battery and need to use gas. For my needs and that of my family it's a great car.

As for hydrogen... Most hydrogen generation starts with a fossil fuel.

Comment Re:RCMP are also local police (Score 1) 43

"Canada does not have an FBI equivalent"

Everything that the FBI is capable of doing, the RCMP can do just as well. I'd call it equivalent.

"We like our policy makers separate from enforcement that you very much"

You think policy makers and enforcement officials don't talk to each other? Cute.

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