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Comment Re:Cyberbullying (Score 1) 775's a terrible way to make a point for someone who wants to make a thoughtful decision about who they should elect.

I'm pretty sure all four of us already have all the sources of information that we need, in order to make thoughtful decisions.

As for the rest of the American electorate, this seems to suit them perfectly.

Comment Re:Maybe Should Have Went with "No Statement" (Score 1) 185

sooner or later someone on your staff is going to crack and say "Yes, our tool is used for stabbing. You know it, I know it, we all know it's the 800lb gorilla in the room we can't talk about."

At which point you go on record as being shocked, fire that person for not pointing this out sooner, slap a cheap band-aid partial fix on the problem, make a show of making an example of a couple of problem customers, bribe the right people and return to business-as-usual...

Comment To those who answer "not totally ridiculous"... (Score 4, Interesting) 543

Please, I'm begging you: stop trying to negotiate as though the other side was rational and honorable, and would honor any agreement for the long term.

That's how they get us, every time. They pretend that they'll act like human beings, and then they push for more. Every time. Because that's what sociopaths do: they see the pie and they want it all. And they're willing to be patient if it gets them what they want. And make no mistake: what they want is the whole thing, forever, and every one of us paying them, regardless of how much we use or enjoy.

The only way to counter that is to act as irrationally, and in the other direction. It's not that there can't be a sane middle ground; it's that as long as we advocated for a sane middle ground, we got extended and renegotiated into the current situation. If we keep trying to negotiate for a sane middle ground, we're the ones to blame when the next Mickey Mouse preservation act passes. We're the ones to blame when the public domain starts to shrink. We're the ones to blame, until we start acting as sociopathic as corporations, including being so utterly charming that our point of view seems as reasonable as theirs, so the sane middle ground must be the right compromise.

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