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Submission + - Slashdot forces a beta site by default

kelk1 writes: As a poor submitter found out (, Slashdot ( suddenly forced a preview of its beta site without any warning on all its viewers.

Judging by the comments, the feedback was immediate and clearly negative.

I cannot speak for the forum moderation side, but my reaction to the front page was an knee jerk: "Oh no!, not another portal full of noise I cannot speed-read through." Text and hyperlinks are what we need, please, and as little graphics as possible. Think lynx, thank you.

Submission + - Dice, what are you getting by butchering Slashdot ? 2

Taco Cowboy writes: Before I register my account with /. I frequented it for almost 3 weeks. If I were to register the first time I visited /. my account number would be in the triple digits.

That said, I want to ask Dice why they are so eager to kill off Slashdot.

Is there a secret buyer somewhere waiting to grab this domain, Dice ? Just tell us. There are those amongst us who can afford to pay for the domain. What we want is to have a Slashdot that we know, that we can use, that we can continue to share information with all others.

Please stop all your destructive plans for Slashdot, Dice.

Submission + - Nerd website found to make viewer's eyes bleed

grommit writes: is a website that is testing out a new "Beta" web design specifically crafted to make the viewer's eyes bleed. Editor samzenpus is quoted as saying, "We were hoping for at least a 70% eye bleed rate (EBR) but when we found out that we're actually generating 95% EBR, we were ecstatic. We are proud to break new ground in unreadable web design!"

Comment Re:Consequences? (Score 1) 126

Any chance the GCHQ people will do time in Belgian jails?

Any chance the U.K. will get an astronomical fine?

As a Belgian, I'm going to speculate that the GCHQ people will probably have to murder a couple of people before they'll be put into jail. They could get a house arrest, and maybe a fine, tops. Our jails are overcrowded and our legal system avoids jailing people if it's not absolutely necessary. Fun fact: It's not illegal to break out of jail in Belgium.

Submission + - Japan and EU Commit 18m Euros to Develop 100Gbps Internet Access 1

Mark.JUK writes: The European Union and Japan have unveiled a joint investment of 18 Million Euro’s that aims to build more efficient fibre optic broadband networks that are “5000 times faster than today’s average European broadband ISP speed (100Gbps compared to 19.7Mbps)“. The funding will go towards supporting six research projects, which range from an effort to enable fibre optic networks at more than 100Gbps (aka – STRAUSS), to investigating new ways of ensuring efficient use of energy in information networks (aka — GreenICN). Faster than 100Gbps fibre optic links already exist but the new research could potentially help to bring these closer to homes. Some ISPs already offer 1Gbps+ connections to home users; not so long ago everybody was still stuck on a 50Kbps dialup link or slower.

Submission + - Graphene gets even cooler (

cylonlover writes: For a two-dimensional material, graphene is certainly punching above its weight in terms of potential applications. Already set to enable faster, stronger and foldable electronic devices, researchers have now found that the single layer lattice of carbon atoms can help keep electronic components up to 25 percent cooler, giving it the potential to significantly extend the working life of computers and other electronic devices.

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