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Comment Re:Exactly that (Score 1) 349

Right, but the solution isn't to just follow the policy and work the extra hours, thus produce less hoping someone will fix it - that just hurts everyone (the developer most in reduced bonus/pay increment/whatever). They will not fix the problems because as far as they are concerned they just have a bad developer. The developer then gets a bad rep and becomes completely apathetic to the organisation due to bad performance gradings etc, but by then the organisation probably does have a bad developer and grounds (and evidence) to fire them.

Comment Re:Edge (Score 4, Insightful) 160

I was seriously considering moving to a Windows 10 environment with my next hardware change. Seeing the Edge tooltips popup over the Chrome icon in my Windows 10 VM has changed that. I'll now change professions and pick grapes in France rather than continue in this field. Apple have killed the Mac as a serious platform by not releasing pro level hardware since 2010-2011, MS made leaps with Windows 10 and then killed it, and there is still little viable software for *professional* collaboration with non nerds on Linux (yes, I mean the Photoshop / Office / UML / yadda yadda stuff - sure, it works at a basic level but ultimately you need the real thing in a Windows or OSX VM to be compatible at a level that doesn't annoy everyone). Apple used to almost fill the "I need a Unix workstation with compatibility with the big commercial apps" space with OSX and the Macbook Pro and Mac Pro lines, but there's nothing now - Windows and docker/vagrant seems to be the way forward, and with more and more native Unixy support on Windows I suspect things are likely to change yet again. Lesson: don't invest in any particular platform in any significant depth - learn to read properly.

Comment X11 vs the world (Score 2, Interesting) 160

One of these browsers, given it's history, is most likely optimised for X over other screen rendering platforms. Sure, the benchmarks concentrate on JavaScript, but ultimately this is going to result in manipulation of the DOM in any real world test and therefore re-rendering... Does this therefore boil down to how well these browsers optimise their performance on X, as opposed to anything else? Given the changing landscape (Wayland and alternatives) does this have much relevance?

Comment Re:Keyboards? (Score 1) 332

Nah, clearly owning and using (daily) a 30 year old keyboard is something every geek should be aiming to achieve. Just think - it will probably become sentient in a few more years and eclipse whatever supposedly 'ground breaking' AI project the owner is working on. Perhaps someone should come up with a better solution than those HP washable things - a great idea in principle but no geek is going to use it because it isn't built like a tank and doesn't deafen everyone around them, and let's face it, only geeks are going to go for something like that as everyone else wants whatever the latest keys are, then wireless, then bluetooth, so will never keep hold of it for any length of time. Sad times. The planet is doomed.
The Internet

Facebook's Slender 'Aquila' Drone To Provide Internet In Remote Areas 55

Mickeycaskill writes: Facebook will start testing a 400kg drone with the wingspan of a Boeing 737 next year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said, as part of the company's drive to connect people in remote areas to the Internet. Aquila will fly between 60,000ft and 90,000ft as to avoid adverse weather conditions and commercial air routes, while the attached laster can transmit data at 10Gbps. Facebook claims it can accurately connect with a point the size of a US 5-cent coin from more than 10 miles away.

Comment Re:MOAR BUFFERS isn't always the solution (Score 1) 391

No, neither is acceptable in those cases, but the topic is audio playback in an audiophile environment, so data on a gigabyte network doesn't have to travel at 48kbit/sec - it can fully saturate the buffer almost instantly if necessary before playback starts as the whole listening experience was probably started only after several hours of procrastination and cleaning of equipment took place. The system would have enough time to transfer the whole FLAC 192kbs album before playback needed to start! For a video game and many applications, sure, the latency is usually acceptable (I'm a semi-pro musician and make use of soft synths, so I'm fully aware of the effects that even 30ms of latency vs 10ms can have, let alone the 500ms or so that pipe organs can sometimes exhibit).

Comment Re:The guy is full of himself (Score 1) 147

Does anyone remember how a Power Mac used to be a power house of computing? Now it resembles something like a vase for flowers.

The PowerMac line ended in 2006, almost a decade ago. The fact you could use one as a flower vase proves the superior design - there aren't many computers that can be reused in such a way once they become obsolete!

Comment Re:20 Years (Score 0) 382

On a $2000 laptop for a $800+ device - both of which need to be regularly refreshed too (and you probably need to own multiple devices for testing the different form factors). The $99 subscription pails into insignificance on just those things, let alone everything else associated with development (server hosting, SSL certificates, business taxes, coffee, expensive german cars, etc)

Rare Ideopathic Encephaly Tied to Higher IQ, Not Lower 58

Timothy writes Cranial deformation is commonly linked to brain dysfunction; it is one of the most common serious conditions affecting fetal growth. Multiple factors are involved, but in nearly every case on record the result is debilitating; stillbirth or neonatal death are common. A mutation, though, has been observed among members of a New Jersey family which represents a rare case of heritable encephaly tied not to dysfunction, but to higher-than-average intelligence, and with no evident negative health consequences.

Donald R. DeCicco (not his real name) and his wife Prymaat of Paramus, both French-born naturalized U.S. citizens, were born with unremarkable physical characteristics, apart from a specific constellation of physical abnormalities affecting maxillofacial and brain development. In both of their cases, brain development appears to be ordinary, but with all brain lobes occupying a volume that is both larger and narrower than typical. All medical tests (and the couple's success as educated, productive members of society) make it clear that their condition has not prevented ordinary life, and may even have enhanced it; a series of MRI and PET scans conducted by Johns Hopkins researchers indicated that their above-average cerebella are at least as active and neuron-rich as are more run-of-the-mill subjects' brains, and tests of memory, cognition, and reasoning place both DeCicco and Clorhone in the top percentile of American rest subjects. A daughter, Connie, shares both their unusual skeletal growth pattern, and is similarly highly intelligent; perhaps this form of heritable encephaly should be thought of as akin to Marfan syndrome, for its pairing of both high intelligence and a characteristic bone-growth pattern. At least one researcher quoted in the linked article believes that less extreme forms of the same anomaly can be observed in some historical and contemporary figures, citing as examples both Vladimir Putin and actor Richard Belzer as bearing some tendency toward the same characteristic shape.

First described by a family physician and described in the Journal of the Society of the Federal Health Professionals,the condition has been labeled Sandler's Syndrome.

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