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Comment Standard? I don't think so. (Score 1) 208

Grandy maintains that 'many OHA members are developing proprietary user experiences, which they are not contributing back into Android — as is standard for open source projects — for fear of losing competitive advantage in the marketplace.'

Whether or not developments are contributed back to the project depends on the license. The BSD style licenses, for instance, have no such requirement.

The Military

Army Asks Its Personnel to Wikify Field Manuals 143

Hugh Pickens writes "The NY Times reports that the Army began encouraging its personnel — from the privates to the generals — to go online and collaboratively rewrite seven of the field manuals that give instructions on all aspects of Army life, using the same software behind Wikipedia. The goal, say the officers behind the effort, is to tap more experience and advice from battle-tested soldiers rather than relying on the specialists within the Army's array of colleges and research centers, who have traditionally written the manuals. 'For a couple hundred years, the Army has been writing doctrine in a particular way, and for a couple months, we have been doing it online in this wiki,' said Col. Charles J. Burnett, the director of the Army's Battle Command Knowledge System. 'The only ones who could write doctrine were the select few. Now, imagine the challenge in accepting that anybody can go on the wiki and make a change — that is a big challenge, culturally.' Under the three-month pilot program, the current version of each guide can be edited by anyone around the world who has been issued an ID card that allows access to the Army Internet system. Reaction so far from the rank and file has been tepid, but the brass is optimistic; even in an open-source world, soldiers still know how to take an order."

Sun Unveils RAID-Less Storage Appliance 249

pisadinho writes "eWEEK's Chris Preimesberger explains how Sun Microsystems has completely discarded RAID volume management in its new Amber Road storage boxes, released today. Because it uses the Zettabyte File System, the Amber Road has eliminated the use of RAID arrays, RAID controllers and volume management software — meaning that it's very fast and easy to use."

Comment How to find a superstar (Score 1) 763

Well, I have a few suggestions. Try these in order:

        (1) You could require that all of your candidates take a carefully
        crafted programming test. The higher the mark that they get on
        the test, the better programmer they are. Duh.

        (2) You could ask them to bring a 5000 line sample of their code.
        Just a glance should tell you whether or not thay are a super
        star. After all, if their coding style looks like yours, they
        must be good, right?

        (3) You could get into a "design session" with them. Ask them
        something like:

                Q: how would you design a house?

        Then let them talk and draw pictures for a few minutes. Pretend
        to be paying attention, nod in agreement a few times, ask a few
        clarifying questions --you get the idea. It doesn't really matter
        what the candidate says here, because when they are all done, you
        say something like:

                "Oh, well that's pretty good, but I want a design that is
                optimized for a family of giraffes" **

        What you are looking for here is how they respond to the kind of
        unexpected changes that happen in the real world.

At this point, if the candidate takes a swing at you then you have
found the right one.


** some jackass actually suggested this on his website.

Comment Re:Event Specifics (Score 1) 53

Won't be there as UID 138013... I remembered the password to my legacy (almost 10 year old) account, and will be there as UID 1943. Cheers! Oh, I am willing to drive up to three people from the Mira Mesa area with good or better /. karma. (I will not be consuming alcohol). Send email (to slashdot user 1943)with your /. UID or user name, real name, and preferably a recent photo. I shall ACK with a keyword to the email address registered with your /. account which you should have ready when we meet.
User Journal

Journal Journal: A Job for Christmas

Well, I got what I really wanted for Christmas: a job. Having been unemployed since October (September, really, since I knew I was going), has been a real bummer, espescially since it meant having to leave the U.S. and return to Canada. The telecom bust has been particularly tough on those of us on the bleading edge of core routing -- there just isn't the demand for capacity that was expected. Not since 1933 has the stock market had three down years in a row (and a fourth is quite possible), so

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