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Comment Re:Bullshit article (Score 1) 588

Would the lawyers of 7 out of 8 companies advised their clients to STFU and hope the issue goes away. if asked:
Would your company help killing innocent children?
Would your company help gas minorities to death?
Would your company help registering Christians for the state of China?
Would your company sell unhealthy food?

For how many of those questions would it be ethical to duck the question?
Why would you not like to answer any of the questions?

Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

It is quite bold to claim that the USA has one of the most liberal immigration systems, do you have _any_ data to back that up?

If you think about how rich USA is, and how few refugees enter the country, could it not be that just _maybe_ your statement is not true? What i mean is that there are lots of countries out there.

Turist VISA is very liberal if you are from an EU country (ESTA), but I guess that it is similarly easy to enter EU from USA. And I guess you do not need to give your finger prints on arrival (yet), but I might be wrong and I know it has been discussed.

Comment Re:The flip side of having the right dongle (Score 1) 299

There is no win in changing connectors every few years (except for making money and hinder competition). A PS/2 keyboard and mouse is as good as a USB one (and for real-time applications better). No need to force customer to by new hardware all the time. If you care about the customer keep the port for a few years.

Now, releasing hardware with memory sizes five years old in combination with _only_ ports of the future is pure evil. The customer will not be able to use the product without a nest of dongles, and when the the new ports will be standard, the amount of RAM in the laptop will be ridiculous. And _when_ that time comes and the port will truly be standard do you seriously think Apple will still use it? Or will they be "brave" to make money on new ports and dongles?

Comment Re: Mindshare (Score 0) 147

You are not an average user, most people change phone all the time, just as you said. I just pointed out that the possibility for having a phone for a long time is better on android (because of battery and memory cards mainly). If you can keep your battery for 7 years -- lucky you -- my 3 years old battery is not as good any more, and I plan to buy a new in the future.

It is not that it cannot be done on iphones, it is that it is *specifically* designed to be as hard as possible to do. This is getting quite common on android phones as well, but you can still *choose* top android phones with SD-card readers and replaceable batteries.

I applaud you for not wasting the environment, but it is certainly not thanks to Apple. Credit where credit is due, and here it is to you. I also believe on average, iphone users keep their phones for a *shorter* time as they see their phones as fashion accessories (this is only a feeling of mine, I have no hard data supporting it).

Comment Re:Does it now support HDDs larger than 2 GB? (Score 1) 229

Yes, it does support hard drives bigger than 2 GB. _Long_ time ago the ext2 file system implementation could not handle _partitions_ larger than circa 2 GB because the file system was implemented using mmap (cool is it not?). That restriction would not have been a problem if the operating system had been ported to 64-bit architectures.

Hurd is working --- its biggest problems are stability and driver support. It is a beautiful system that has little value for normal users as Linux is more stable and has better drivers. The beauty of writing file systems, network stacks etc in user space is amazing. So is the possibility for the _normal_ user to create their own file systems, in any language, using any libraries and mount them without root access.

Comment Re:Speaking for German language, yes (Score 1) 330

While I do agree with most you write... an octet is 8 bits, a byte is (most often) the least addressable unit on a computer and is CHAR_BIT of length (usually 8 bits though).

You can read about octets in various (english) RFCs and it is not a french invention, it is also exist in many other languages.

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