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Comment Disclosing how it works means they lose business (Score 1) 337

By not disclosing how they did it, they have given themselves a head start on selling these dongles before the market gets flooded by $20 Chinese ripoffs, which I can guarantee will happen within a few days, as soon as a a few enterprising individuals get their dongles in the mail. After all, it would be the height of irony if a bunch of guys who hacked the PS3 so that they could copy games off each other and play were to complain that the software they created was in turn being ripped off :P

Comment Re:Dare I say... shameless? (Score 1) 118

Shameless? How is news of this release any different from news on the latest release of Ubuntu or Apache that usually makes the front page? Its all software, and this IS the Gaming section of Slashdot, so it is entirely appropriate that this appears here.

I wouldn't be so grouchy about this if it wasn't for the fact that this hit the front page, and is, relatively, a minor game.

Just a glance at, say, the Apple section of the website shows that stuff like the release of a MINOR browser on the iPhone gets its own article. Why shouldn't the release of a game get a quick front page blurb, especially because the Warcraft map that this is based on is still played by legions of rabid fans (at least where I live)?

On topic however: this game just takes DOTA and adds the extra burden of being forced to make sure your win/loss ratio is always >1, otherwise you get kicked from most games. While I played the beta, I had to create a new account after a while because my W/L and kill/death ratios were causing me to be kicked constantly, even though I had finally gotten used to the system and the heroes. Several other players I know had the same problem. Perhaps it is a sign of the kind of player the closed beta attracted ie. DOTA veterans, and not a symptom of the final game, but it definitely is a stumbling block for new players.

Comment Re:Of course being in China, (Score 4, Insightful) 315

Microsoft stole Plurk's design and code. Not the Chinese. Not the Americans.

Nice try. Microsoft outsourced its coding to a Chinese company, THEY stole the source code and design. Quoting from Ars Technica:

The debacle with Juku is an indication that the software giant needs to either stop outsourcing its various small projects (unlikely to happen anytime soon), or come up with a better way to cross-check its code.

This is a CHINESE malaise, not a Microsoft one. Half of the huge Chinese websites out there rely on stealing content and code theft to launch. Blaming Microsoft because they are the largest target is trendy, but misleading.

Comment Re:In Smaller Markets, Kijiji Dominates(By Lying) (Score 1) 129

Did anyone else realize that Craigslist separates by city whereas Kijiji separates by state for small markets? Im in a small/medium city(Lincoln, NE), and Kijiji has some listings, but barring one, they're all NOT in Lincoln. Maybe that might explain why the small markets on Kijiji look "busier" than on Craigslist - Kijiji aggregates results from a hundred miles or so around town.

Comment Re:or we start treating it like a war (Score 1) 627

What industrial centers? Afghanistan is probably the poorest country on Earth. If it's not #1 then it's certainly in the top ten. I don't think mass bombardment of "industrial centers" is going to have much effect on an enemy whose primary weapons are AK-47s and homemade bombs.

Fine, I agree there is no heavy industry. But why not destroy the drug industry? We don't do it right now because we fear that maybe the poor farmers are actually growing food as well right next to their opium poppies or whatever. Well, screw that, its collateral damage. You want to choke off the terrorists money supply, you kill the drug trade. Two or three villages starve, and everyone gets the message.

Comment Re:No copyright for recipes in Western world (Score 1) 330

What really surprises me is that Malaysia is trying to copyright foods that were originally NOT from that region. Nasi lemak is only partly Malaysian - the rice made with screwpine leaves is unique to the region. But trying to copyright the spicy sauce(sambal) or the fried chicken that comes with it is ridiculous! Even the word "sambal" is ripped straight from Tamil, a South Indian language. Most Malaysian cuisine is a straight rip from Chinese and Indian cuisine, from the simplest sambal right up to the dishes mentioned in the article such as laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. Having spent my teenage years there, it is kind of ironic that a country where the latest movies are sold at street corners for a mere $1 per DVD(buy 5 get 1 free!) wants to copyright food that its immigrants brought in.

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