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Comment Re:Impossible Because of Second Law of Thermodynam (Score 1) 830

Butt... What if the simulated universe was huffman coded (or compressed in some other way)? Would it stand to reason that "information storage" in a "natural universe" isn't done at the mathematically optimum level, and therefore compressible? And if we can make the universe use less space, ie resources ie matter (and mass) then can't a simulated universe, in theory, use less energy than a "natural universe"? I know it's almost certainly not that simple, but I'd like to know why I'm wrong.

Comment Re:I was an instructor at ITT (Score 1) 135

ITT was probably not worth it for me, but I must say, when I was going to ITT my Linux teacher was very good at what he did and taught me a lot. He was also one of the math teachers, and really let me stretch out and explore (I was lapping my classmates by lightyears in math, and the teacher is a published mathematician.)

I fucking hate everything about the economics class though. That teacher had an obvious agenda he flogged constantly, and wouldn't stop talking about his pet theories about deficit spending. It was a micro-econ class and he just wouldn't shut up about public choice theory either.

It was very expensive, compared with Community College, and I of course don't have an accredited degree, so it's worthless if I want to go back to real college.

It was all during a terribad time in my life. Why do we force teenageers to go to college where they usually can't do anything but fuck up? You look at the rates of graduation for older students compared with the people who go straight from high school to college, and you can see that what would be best is to give kids out of high school a chance to live in the real world for a while, then decide whether they want to go to college at all.

The only motivating factor for me was that without some kind, any kind, of degree, I'm basically unemployable.

Fuck that noise.

Comment Whatever they provide (Score 4, Interesting) 152

Most of my downloads only offer one type of checksum.

I would prefer PGP or SHA512/256. But most of the time the only posted hash is MD5, and even that's somewhat rare. Typically I just have to trust that the listed filesize on the site is correct, and see if that matches.

I must be getting my big files from the wrong places, since people here seem to be under the impression that hashes and checksums are regularly provided, but I rarely see that

Comment Re:Pay $$$ (Score 1) 707

Is free content worth the near certainty of getting your machine infected with malware? Malware that can cryptolock your hard drive, or log your passwords for your bank accounts? No? Then shut the fuck up. The advertizers are asking us to dig into a bin full of used needles in exchange for a tasty cookie. If I can get that cookie by wearing lead-lined gloves to dig in the bin, then I will. Because I'm not stupid.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

If the city is in the business of biting the bullet, they could spring for a sidewalk on the near-side of the street (relative to the speedcam footage), and/or widen the street further so there's a better buffer zone between the street and people's lawns where children play. Not disagreeing with speedbumps.

Comment Re:Regions and business strategy (Score 1) 249

Mod this commenter up!

It's all about differential pricing. But the fact is, the distributors can never hide the fact that they're profiting off of people paying half as much as you are. And the only things enforcing this segregation are stupid laws written by the distributors themselves, who then paid lawmakers to pass them.

They're trying to enforce an 18th century business model of sailing ships and ox-wagons on the internet. They must be stopped, because they're a fucking burden on the modern economy.

Comment Re:Regions and business strategy (Score 2, Interesting) 249

The idea is: People in, say, sub-saharan Africa have less money and less disposable income, so they can price their product cheaper there and make up for it in volume. While people in, say, the US have a lot more disposable income and can withstand paying twice or three times as much as those in SSA.

The problem with this model is that Americans know that if the company is selling it cheaper elsewhere they're still definitely making a profit there, and price discrimination based on geography is bullshit. They're making money in Sub-saharan Africa charging $2, AND ALSO making MORE money in the US charging $12. It's totally bullshit for them to charge ME $12 when Mbutu only pays $2 while still turning a profit for the company. Why should I pay anything when the company is just trying to bilk me out of an EXTRA $10 when they're still making money on $2? Fuck them, I'm pirating and giving them $0 instead.

That kind of thing. The idea of geographic segregation only makes sense if there's actually barriers to delivery that are different between areas and ALSO an asymmetry of information. There is neither since the internet exists, so any geographical segregation is utter bullshit and laughable.

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