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Submission + - Mozilla to Remove Hello in Firefox 49 (

An anonymous reader writes: An entry on Mozilla's issue tracker opened on July 17 reveals ongoing efforts from Mozilla engineers to remove the Hello system add-on from default Firefox installations starting with version 49, set for public release on September 13, 2016.

Mozilla added Hello to Firefox in version 34, released on December 1, 2014, and from the beginning, it was part of the browser's core code, but was moved in December 2015 into a separate add-on, one that came pre-installed with Firefox, making Hello its first ever system add-on.

Mozilla plans to remove Hello from the codebases of Firefox Beta 49, Firefox Developer Edition 50, and Firefox Nightly 51. Based on the currently available information, the deadline for the Hello code removal operations is for this Monday, August 1, after which the first Firefox builds with no Hello integration will be available for testing, and will ship out in the fall with the stable release.

Comment Re:You can decide to ..... (Score 1) 171

As long as you have other ways to appreciate your time spent alive then sure. At some point though, there's no point trying to argue. Like I said before about Steam, it has certain obvious online requirements, but considering all of my electronic devices are online 100% of the time anyway, I don't see that as a problem. Plus, you can play in offline mode, or crack the DRM if you really wish.

I have to do long train rides. I would have buyed D3 if I could play it on the train. But Mobile coverage is nowhere near that point.

Comment Re:Accountability (Score 1) 402

It's much easier inside your home; if some stranger is inside your home and you shoot him dead, it's pretty hard for prosecutors to argue that you instigated it or whatever; your story that the person broke in and threatened your life is hard to argue with.

So should I be afraid to be invited to someone else's house, because he could decide to "stand his ground" and shoot me? This argument is BS.

Comment Lots of Multimedia! (Score 1) 247

ICT should also be taught by embedding interactive and multimedia technology across every subject, according to Intellect - which believes technology businesses could play a role here to help teachers make the best use of relevant equipment by supporting training.

Yeah that's how l learned CS too...


Advent Calendar For Geeks 65

bLanark writes "Well, as children and adults all over the world begin their day with chocolate, with the traditional Advent calendar, I'd like to remind you that there's an alternative for geeks. The Perl Advent calendar will give you a new Perl tip every day right up to Christmas."

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