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Comment Yes its bad (Score 1) 222

To get ai you simply allow a robot to envisage goals and figure out the steps toward it. It needs to skip steps that hurt people. You have to build that in and its difficult. Imagine a robot needs some lubricant, it needs to source it without opening somes vein. Etc. once its thinking for itself it needs ethics and morals. Most programmers will get this right, some wont

Comment Re:There would be no need... (Score 1) 337

I once drove a car down a narrow lane that ended in a blind T intersection - I had to roll down the windows turn off the engine and listen to hear if there were cars coming before attempting to pull out (slowly). A self driving car would no doubt stall there forever if it was sensible and not programmed for this event - surely the driver has an override.

Comment Re:Are we any smarter than we were 2000 years ago? (Score -1, Offtopic) 202

your assertion that there is a lack of scientific evidence for god is completely incorrect. Science has identified god as a spirit of consciousness that exists across a diverse group of humans, all acting as part of a bigger system. In the same way that bee hives have been shown to be like giant minds, so is god. Anyone denying this exists scientifically should be made aware of this fact.

Comment Re:Ah, yes, one of the modern evils... (Score 2, Informative) 533

Um with Electric bicycles pedalling is optional and an average speed of about 20 miles per hour is provided for you by the engine. There is no need to shower if you don't pedal. I commute about 3 miles and park my bike in the corner of the office. Door to door is less than 15 minutes, and thats faster than I can do in a car as I need to park a bit further away and walk. I don't think you can compare normal cycling to an electric bike, as electrics are much faster up hills than most cyclists so can produce pretty good average speeds. Living 20 miles from work is a bit far for an electric cycle, but you could do it in an hour without breaking a sweat.

Comment You've violated the licensing yourself now (Score 1) 1006

You just admitted you typed the CD-keys of software into google. Google doesn't do anything to keep what people search for hidden, in fact they go out of their way to publish it. Sure it's hard to find things that are only searched for once, but I'm certain that sharing the CD-Keys with a third party - even google - is prohibited by the license agreement

Comment I kind of believe it's not far off (Score 4, Insightful) 650

I sold my car, and bought an electric cycle this year, and I'm pretty impressed with it. I commute on it - charge it overnight once or twice a week, and don't get a sweat up even on hills into a head wind. Costs $5 per year to charge it, and $12 to insure it. Compared to my car it's ridiculously cheap - and because most of the time I'm passing cars that are waiting for other cars ahead, I get to work in around the same time as a car (12 minutes by bike. When there's no traffic I can do it 10 minutes in a car, but a normal morning is 15-20 minutes). I've seen those tuk-tuk's around where a bike pulls a carriage and takes a couple of people in the back. All you need is a carriage on it and a bigger motor and you could go anywhere in the city on it all weather, but to be honest it's not too hot to wear rain gear on the bike anyway as you aren't working, the battery is. I had to go out of town on a bus instead, but cost about the same as petrol for the trip would have or maybe even cheaper. Not quite the same freedom as having a car, but at less than 10% of the cost, I'm happy enough. I would say that within 3 years, at least 30% of the population will move to electric simply because of the cost. And I think it will be bikes not cars that show the biggest growth.

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