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Submission + - Elcomsoft Claims No Mobile Password Keeper App Lives Up To Security Promises (

lazyforker writes: Password recovery app developer Elcomsoft issued a press release summarizing the effectiveness (or otherwise) of various password manager apps for iOS and BlackBerry devices. Android was not discussed.

In the press release is a link to the full whitepaper:

At the end of the whitepaper there are some recommendations for each type of device user.

Apps reviewed/discussed:
Keeper® Password & Data Vault
Password Safe — iPassSafe free version
My Eyes OnlyTM — Secure Password Manager
Strip Lite — Password Manager
Safe — Password Awesome Password Lite Password Lock Lite
iSecure Lite — Password Manager
Ultimate Password Manager Free
Secret Folder Lite
SafeWallet — Password Manager
SplashID Safe for iPhone
DataVault Password Manager
mSecure — Password Manager
LastPass for Premium Customers
1Password Pro
BlackBerry Password Keeper
BlackBerry Wallet 1.0
BlackBerry Wallet 1.2


Submission + - Security flaw in Apple iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 (

lazyforker writes: According to a story in The Guardian a Brazilian man found a flaw allowing a partial bypass of the PIN code lock screen. Using the "Emergency Call" feature in combination with the power button allows one access to the 'phone, Contacts, call history, voicemail. Colleagues and I confirmed it works! Try it for yourself: in the lock screen slide the unlock bar, tap the "Emergency Call" button, enter ### as the emergency number, tap the call button and immediately hit the power button on top of the 'phone.

Submission + - Browser privacy test - Safari and Flash fail. (

lazyforker writes: A NYTimes blog post reports the results of security researcher Kate McKinley's tests of various browsers' (FireFox, Chrome, IE, Safari) privacy protection mechanisms. Specifically she tested their cookie handling. She also examined their handling of Flash's cookies. In summary: Safari on Mac OS X (in the "private browsing" mode) is not so private ("quirky"). Safari on XP is not private at all. Flash behaves awfully everywhere.
Here's the NYTimes article:
Here's McKinley's report:
Here's how to clean up after Adobe's Flash:

Data Storage

Submission + - 'Racetrack memory' increases data density by 100 (

lazyforker writes: This short article describes IBM's research into novel forms of data storage technologies. In particular the lab is working on a type called "racetrack memory". This racetrack is a lot smaller than your local dog track. Promises of huge amounts of data in tiny form factors are made.
This research is being led by the man who brought us GMR — consequently I think there's a chance this could work.


Submission + - Steve Jobs Keynote Speech at Apple's WWDC 2007

lazyforker writes: Jobs opened Apple's WWDC today. His keynote mostly focussed on Leopard. Looks slick. Wired blogged the speech and of course Apple's website has an updated description. Games from EA can be expected; and it looks like ID is building a while new game technology that will be demonstrated on multiple platforms later this year (Mac, PC, PS3 and Xbox).
Wired says that 10 of Leopard's new features (of 300!) were demonstrated by Jobs. Here's a brief summary:
  • New Desktop — Core animation, Stacks, more prominent active window
  • New Finder — Coverflow! Seearch anywhere on the network! "Back to my Mac" sync utility
  • "Quick Look" — instant preview of any document/file without opening app.
  • 64 bit throughout
  • Core animation everywhere
  • Boot Camp
  • "Spaces" — seems like multiple desktops
  • Updated Dashboard (not 3D) with ability for user to create widgets from any web content
  • iChat — tabbed chats, easy file transfer, cool effects (including a "green screen" style tool)
  • Time Machine — backup

Incidentally — it looks like Apple's whole website has a shiny new look and feel. Presumably based on Leopard.

Submission + - IBM Triples Amount of Memory On-Chip

lazyforker writes: IBM has created a new type of on chip memory dubbed eDRAM (embedded Dynamic Random Access Memory) that "improves on-processor memory performance in about one-third the space with one-fifth the standby power of conventional SRAM (static random access memory)". IBM anticipates the technology will be in production in early 2008. The article is light on tech data — but apparently this memory is designed to be used with multi-core processors.

Submission + - Wii controller creates emotional response

lazyforker writes: "According to Seed Magazine the Wii controller may make games more emotionally-involving (and thus presumably more captivating).
While Nintendo argues that the wireless controller makes game play more intuitive — you no longer have to remember arcane sequences of buttons — it actually does something much more powerful: By involving your body in the on-screen action, the Wii makes video games more emotional.

The article goes on to explain why this might be so. The theory is (roughly) that the mind and body interact with each other to produce emotions — hence combining motion with mental activity generates a "body loop" — essentially a feedback loop. Is this Nintendo's competitive advantage?"

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