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Comment Childhood memories...The C64 (Score 5, Interesting) 135

My mother and father were programmers, so they came up with many creative uses of the C64. In his free time, my father would program math-based games to teach us multiplication tables and would allow us to play chess. Mom was the only one to get copies of games for us to play. In general, I have many warm memories of sitting in front of the tv playing games on the ol' C64 with my siblings. I also remember solving boring math problems. In all, I played plenty of games and excelled in math enough to obtain a PhD. I have admit the C64 played a big part in that. I know nothing about TRS-80, but I'm sure my childhood would have played out the same way. As a professional, I understand the technical differences between the hardware, but still...

Comment I don't know about you... (Score 1) 477

But I have been using computers since I was a child. I learned very early on that some programs loaded quickly, which other programs took longer to load. Again, simple programs load more quickly than more complex programs (even on an i7 rig). So, what is the issue again?

Comment Re:Ignorance like this needs to be corrected (Score 3, Informative) 128

Not sure where you are from, but in the USA our courts treat digital content as property. Also, unauthorized access to password protected content falls under the same umbrella. I am unfamiliar with the laws covering digital content and password protected services in the UK, but I imagine the laws are either (1) more restrictive or (2) the courts have taken it upon themselves to issue warrants regardless of the laws on the books.

Comment Re:Too late... (Score 3, Funny) 335

The problem is that opting out of the radiation dosing machines means opting into the government authorized groping line. And if you don't like that option, you are either kicked out of the airport (if you are a politician) or arrested for not cooperating with the TSA (for everyone else).

But at least all of these TSA measures have caught tons of terrorists right. *checks the Terrorists Caught By The TSA counter* *sees it reading zero* Oh, wait... Never mind.

Buddy, believe me, I know what you mean. I few months back I requested my pat-down before realizing I had *cough* morning wood. Lets just say that was the most uncomfortable/entertaining pat-down for the spectators standing in line for their x-ray scans. Poor me. Poor TSA agent...

Moral to the story: Still radiation free.

Comment Re:Too late... (Score 4, Insightful) 335

TSA must have gotten their marching orders recently. They have been pretty strict about pushing as many people through those radiation machines as possible for that last couple of months. Prior, you could pony up to the metal detectors without much hassle. Now, you are told to stand in the long imaging line. And this is the case at several airports I travel through.

You know, you can still decline to go though the scanners. In recent months I have traveled through many busy airports. I watched as TSA agents push people (including myself) x-ray 'branding' line. No matter how busy (or how light) the travel loads have been, I have and always will opted out. Until they pass federal rules suggesting we no long have the right to opt out, I will be standing safely outside of the range of any body scanner for the foreseeable future.

In this country it's still legal not to do something if you feel uncomfortable. Get a pat down and move on with your travel day...

Comment Re:Why does anyone need to know how to build a bom (Score 1) 741

Knowledge is power. Say I have some strange men move in next door. I notice they are receiving deliveries of fertilizer, barrels fuel, and related items. I guess this could be farming equipment, but since I living in the suburbs maybe they are building a bomb. Good think I read an article about the Oklahoma city incident online. Also, consider the case where I notice that the snow is melting off someone's roof. Maybe they love running their heat on full blast during the winter...or maybe they are growing marijuana. I know this because I read online. Last, lets say I notice a foul smell coming from the neighbor's house. I mean, a terrible smell, like a cat pissed everywhere. If I had a child who love to play in the yard, I'd be happy to know that maybe my neighbors have a meth lab brewing next door. I'd be happy to know I read online that the fumes are not only toxic and deadly to children. Get the point? Knowledge is power.

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