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Comment Re:This is nothing new (Score 1) 89

Yep, that's exactly right and I still find it amusing the everything-old-is-new-again of the fact that the exponential behavior described here mirrors the characteristics of the old high-power bipolar technologies. So we need to dust off our old bipolar engineering texts to start working in the brave new world of low-power design.

Seriously though, this is a niche analog technology for a small, but important market. I imagine it will always be the realm of small volume, high margin products.

Comment Re:Bad Form Factor (Score 1) 167

Things are now drifting to the converse of the SNL bit from the mid-90s where they had cell phones the size of pencil erasers to the status symbol being ever bigger phones. Come to think of it, remember the boom boxes in the '80s? (yes, yes, I'm very old. I know.) Those things were huge!

Maybe we'll get back to that and trendsetters will start carrying there MP3 player/cell phone/tabletbox-computer around on their shoulders for the world to see

You heard it here first!

Comment Re:This is easy (Score 3, Interesting) 170

Seriously, that was exactly what I was going to say, but I'll even go one further: it would surprise me in the least if Huawei's equipment had a backdoor put into Cisco's equipment by the NSA that Huawei didn't catch when stealing the source code.

If the look hard enough, the Indians may well find two backdoors.

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