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Comment Re:Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score -1) 227

You sound like a whining little cunt lawyer. There must be a logical reason why you have no clue and no possible way to see the big picture. Our current transportation system sucks. It's equal to having a 911 event every 2 weeks. It's actually even worse if you count the injured. They need to confine all vehicles to an autonomous track system . Then the track can monitor the autonomous cars. This type of system is the only sustainable way.

Comment Re:So, she's perfect for Congress? (Score -1) 642

Politics science and religion can be Quantified into one group. Mathematically speaking it's a three body system. One of the variables moves way too slow and one moves way too fast and the others just in it for the money. The beauty of the system is that keeps our species moving at a proper pace, not too slow and not too fast. This regulatory system has been handed down through evolution for billions of years and is used by bacteria and every other life.

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