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Comment Early Stages of Evolution (Score 1) 206

Intelligence is the ability to not ignore reality. The stages of getting there can be difficult when our species is still in the early stages of evolution. The first step in getting out of the "survival of the fittest" stage is to realize that discrimination and prejudice is merely a genetic reflex. It is difficult to hate everyone Equally and still have close friends. But still, a small price for intellegence.

Comment Re:mere report(non peer reviewed) is proof? (Score 0) 138

There are less fires now than in the past 20 or so years. The size of the fires has increased. The costs of fighting fires and property damage have increased also. I think the percentage of fires accidently started by humans may be less or equal, It should of increased due to population size. I can assume that people are learning not to start them. The size of the fires are blamed on spuce budworm. Spruce budworm is spread by warmer winter weather.. hence gw.

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