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Comment Re:Sony Hack (Score 1) 118

Yes, exactly right. I am tired of seeing articles claiming "the Anonymous" did one thing or another. Anyone unidentified is by definition "anonymous" and trying to pin this name onto a specific group of people is an insult to intelligence.

Comment Re:Censored (Score 2, Interesting) 408

Nice catch - just tested it.
Keep typing a normal query string - it will keep updating the page as you go, but then add "porn" at the end and all the results suddenly vanish! Even with safe-search Off! :P

Also, max string length = 100 chars, over 100 chars you need to press "Search", same as with "porn"

Comment Re:Or, if they want people to buy them.. (Score 1) 375

Make in ME1 served perfectly to tie in the "travel" part of exploration providing a flow to your character's story. I feel like with ME2 they strayed away from this too much (no Mako, added load screens, summary screens, etc) thus breaking up the game into what felt like constricted segments at times. I hope in ME3 they can improve on this aspect and provide a better overall flow to the game.

Comment Downloading tickets (Score 1) 949

Next logical step is for this to evolve into a sort of a speeding ticket system. You get caught - pay a nominal fee and get X points on your name. Get caught enough times and they sue big time, till then you just keep paying nominal fees.

Not sure how I feel about it, but it sure as hell sounds more reasonable than suing 8-5 $35k/year crowd, kids with $5/hr dish-washing jobs and stay-at-home moms for millions of dollars.

Comment Re:NICE! (Score 1) 541

> Compared to ten years ago MS lost the top end to
> Apple, the bottom end to netbooks and most of the > middle's running intel integrated crap.

This sentence, by stating that middle-end is running integrated and the top and bottom have been "lost", seems to imply that in fact the only people who run MS are the people on mid-end. That's the statement I am questioning.

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