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Submission + - Amazon bundles ebooks with print copies for the first time (

nk497 writes: Amazon is bundling ebooks with print copies for the first time, via its Kindle MatchBook programme, admitting that "bundling print and digital has been one of the most requested features from customers".

The digital copies won't all be free — as with AutoRip, which offers free MP3s for selected CDs and records — but Amazon promises to charge no more than $3 per digital copy. The programme will apply to books bought as far back as Amazon's 1995 launch. So far, only 10,000 books are listed as being part of Kindle MatchBook, but Amazon hopes to add more, telling publishers it "adds a new revenue stream".

Submission + - Let's START with Godwin's Law, shall we? (

Esther Schindler writes: LinkedIn makes an effort to keep its social network clean. The self-described "world's largest professional network on the Internet" doesn't want to be slapped with the label NSFW. But the problem with workplace-inappropriate content is it keeps coming back.

Case in point, writes Mitch Wagner: Adolf Hitler. No, he's not on LinkedIn — but some fans of his are.. In Hate Groups & Hitler-Lovers Seek Homes on LinkedIn he discusses the issues involved.

Submission + - Windows 8.1 will release worldwide on October 18th, confirmed by Microsoft (

An anonymous reader writes: Mark your calendar folks, Microsoft just announced that Windows 8.1, the first major update for the operating system, will start rolling out on October 18th worldwide for free. However the update will be available to all Windows 8 users through the Windows Store starting October 17th at 7AM Eastern Time.

Submission + - 9 Wearable Technologies That Will Give You Real-Life Superpowers (

fangmcgee writes: Take a page from Tony "Iron Man" Stark. You don't need radioactive spiders or cosmic rays to develop superpowers of your own. From T-shirts that repel bullets to a bodysuit that gives you brain-tingling "Spidey sense," here are nine wearable technologies to help you emulate your favorite caped crusader.

Submission + - The Biggest Big Data Myths (

CowboyRobot writes: 'Big Data' may win the prize for most over-hyped and overused phrase of the decade, but it's not going away and if anything will be an increasingly important part of our lives. That said, there are many assumptions about big data that are just not true. For example, Myth #1: You Can Get To All Of The Data. The information is out there, somewhere, but that doesn't mean that you, or Google, or even the NSA can necessarily get to it. Myth #2: You Need All Of The Data. More is better than less, but the real challenge of Big Data is not gathering and storing the information, it's deciding how much of it can be safely ignored. Myth #3: Big Data Yields Certainty. Your carefully assembled profile based on data from 2011 may simply no longer be relevant.

Submission + - Better Factories Through Crazy Role Playing (

pacopico writes: A former Ford executive has taken his unique brand of factory training to the public. According to Businessweek, Hossein Nivi has set up a new company called Pendaran that forces people to endure a week-long, manic training simulation that's meant to produce safer, better workers. The participants — lots of people from the tech and military fields — get yelled at by actors while they try to assemble things like golf carts and airplanes in a simulation that mixes virtual tasks on computers with real world tasks. After their spirits get broken, the workers actually start functioning as a well-oiled team. It sounds both awesome and bizarre.

Submission + - Microsoft asks the Attorney General for Permission to Disclose Info on PRISM (

puddingebola writes: From the article, "In a blog post Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel and EVP for legal and corporate affairs said that the firm can't talk about national security requests and wants to tell its story. Smith said that the US government is preventing it from revealing NSA demands, so Microsoft is going directly to the US Attorney General.
"Today we have asked the Attorney General of the United States to personally take action to permit Microsoft and other companies to share publicly more complete information about how we handle national security requests for customer information," he said."

Submission + - If A Network Is Broken, Break It More (

Aras Esor writes: When a network is broken — an electrical grid, the World Wide Web, your neurological system — one math model created by a PhD student at Northwestern University suggests that the best way to fix it may be to break it a little more.

Comment Re:Uh-uh (Score 1) 6

Here's the summary from the Slashdot RSS feed:

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a series of hacked emails and documents that were recently posted on Wikileaks are causing quite a stir in the scientific community. All told, more than 1,000 emails and 2,000 documents were stolen from the Climate Research Unit in East Anglia University in the U.K. "The emails include discussions of apparent efforts to make sure that reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations group that monitors climate science, include their own views and exclude others. In addition, emails show that climate scientists declined to make their data available to scientists whose views they disagreed with. [] Phil Jones, the director of the East Anglia climate center, suggested to climate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State University that skeptics' research was unwelcome: We 'will keep them out somehow -- even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!' Neither man could be reached for comment Sunday."


Submission + - Slashdot removes post about hacked climate emails. ( 6

wulfmans writes: When i checked my Google RSS feeds of Slashdot I saw a story that interested me (
I went to click on it and it gave me a page that said i was not allowed to see the page or the page did not exist. I searched Slashdot but the story has vanished. The story said that the mails leaked to wiki leaks were causing a lot of commotion. Since i was not able to read the full post ( Google only gives me a little bit to see ) I am unable to read about this missing story

The Internet

Submission + - BT Finally Culls Phorm from its UK Broadband ISP (

MJackson writes: "British Telecom has pulled out of adopting Phorm's controversial Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) based technology, which would have been used to profile what websites customers visited for use with behavioural advertising campaigns. BT had been under immense pressure to abandon Phorm, a "service" that many consumers perceived to be an invasion of their personal privacy, ever since it emerged early last year that they had run secret 2006 and 2007 trials without user consent. That combined with pressure from Europe to investigate said trials, doubts being raised by senior BT figures, major websites pulling out (Amazon, Wikipedia etc.) and a mass of angry consumer voices probably hasn't helped Phorm make its case."

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