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Comment Won't it work the other way around? (Score 1) 370

Especially for people who just "love" to hear themselves talk, won't this device actually "amplify" their own voice and take pleasure in hearing their own voices... besides, people like that barely listen to anything anyways, to implement this in US style town hall meeting, that thing better have a bullet.

Comment Re:No Spy Here - Typical Iran (Score 1) 251

There is no room for some libertarian free will talk here. Regardless of one's choosing, US does not prohibit traveling to Iran. In fact, it's prevailing that Switzerland is interim de-facto protection power over US interests in Iran, so the point is moot.

But to point out how "useful" one can be in situation like this without de-humanizing anyone regardless of nationality, we have to consider some facts here. Is Amir Mizra Hekmati a US spy? As you may well know and as many people do, clandestine operatives are anonymous and are not in business of becoming a collateral damage. Matter of fact, most of us just don't know, can't know, won't know and don't have to know, because nobody needs to know. And those are the facts we are dealing with.

So what if he isn't a spy? Then one must think about why Iranian gov't is boasting and carrying out "court prosecution" of an innocent person. Of all places, state controlled media in Iran, what is the point of all this propaganda?

Even if Amir Mizra Hekmati is a silent partner in NCS clandestine effort, how much credibility in the region will US lose in the wake of so called "Arab Spring"? Or better yet, should US care? What context is this leading US into? Is this even relevant?

Now here comes the point.

Iran wants... no, Iran IS taking this opportunity to boost its regime's influence and credibility over neighboring region during this turbulent time. Amir Mizra Hekmati is just a pawn caught in the middle. If US doesn't do anything as some suggested we take "Don't Do Something, Just Stand There!" approach, we can be assure that Iran will bank on every opportunity to takeover US influence in the region. And in the back of my mind (small mind at that!), I think, Iranian gov't is playing a game of double jeopardy with US; damn if you do, damn if you don't.

Therefore I think, US should be in damage control mode to minimize any further erosion and get back to negotiation. To do that, we may need to rollback some of recent Obama's Iran Econ. Sanction executive orders if need arise. After all, what does Iran have to lose as the recent intel shows that they already have nuke bunkers anyway? By killing US interest during negotiation, Iran has everything to lose, including credibility.

Comment No Spy Here - Typical Iran (Score 1) 251

1. There is no such thing as "former" Marine.
2. No matter how dire consequence there may be, a death penalty doesn't help either party, US or Iran, especially Iran.
3. Forget the sanction talk for now and go back to negotiation. Econ. sanction didn't work and doesn't work without stepping on our own foot anyway. There is no gain here, so use it for our advantage on negotiation table.
4. Iranian gov't taking political hostages isn't new, but this is an enormous precedence in pushing toward future Iranian nuclear disarmament. US might be out of Iraq, but US just delivered F-15s to Saudi.

Comment Re:Well, (Score 1) 338

Yes. Revolution is an extension of evolution.

That's just plain butchery of Latin word, because they mean complete opposite.

evolution as in to unwind, to unroll, to unfold, to undo what's done.
revolution as in to change, to mutate in progression.

Either word cannot be related in context by an author with an intent to use it as an extension of the other.

Comment Re:Drugs over a border anyone? (Score 1) 87

> you lose a cheap plane and some cargo, but that's all.

Contrarily smugglers are not as valuable as single kilo of coke. To drug cartels, humans are replaceable, but time and effort put in to produce narcotics and committed delivery agreements are not. If UAV crashed while smuggling a kilo across the border, there has to be a backup standing by to retrieve that cargo at all cost. Also distributing small amount of narcotics using massive numbers of undetectable UAV has to account for more inherent failures (strong wind, mechanical failure, signal disruption, greater chance of detection by border patrols, difficulty of retrieval) than single large payload delivery using shortest path from point A to point B; for example, submarine, bribing border guards, etc. I think, this makes small UAV as a drug smuggling device impractical.

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