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Comment Re:My favorite dirty Windows 10 trick (Score 1) 500

Yes, this! This is what most people have done when they saying Microsoft magically updated their machine with out asking permission. I know because I was a victim of the same thing, when you click "Later" which is your only other option (unless you X out) Microsoft schedules a date for the upgrade without telling you and unless you catch it before hand, you'll come home one day to a Win10 machine.

Submission + - Has the 'impossible' EM drive being tested by NASA finally been explained? ( 1

MarkWhittington writes: The EM drive, the so-called “impossible” space drive that uses no propellant, has roiled the aerospace world for the past several years, ever since it was proposed by British aerospace engineer Robert Shawyer. In essence, the claim advanced by Shawyer and others is that if you bounced microwaves in a truncated cone, thrust would be produced out the open end. Most scientists have snorted at the idea, noting correctly that such a thing would violate physical laws. However, organizations as prestigious as NASA have replicated the same results, that prototypes of the EM drive produces thrust. How does one reconcile the experimental results with the apparent scientific impossibility? MIT Technology Review suggested a reason why.

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