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Comment Re:Apple Just Released an Update to Address This (Score 2) 31

The summary didn't have a link to the update and the FA had the update information several paragraphs down from the top. I just wanted to highlight the fact that an update was out there and link to a short announcement that had the relevant information. I did not offer any commentary or complaint as to bias or quality re: the summary.

Comment Re:Your kidding, right? (Score 1) 585

In the UK for example, the death rate from car accidents was 5.4 per 100,000 population, while in the US it was 14.3 per 100,000 population

Last I checked, miles driven was the largest factor in determining frequency of accidents. In the US we drive more on average than the Brits. If you check the number of deaths per billion vehicle kilometers, the numbers get much closer: 9.3 for the UK and 10.7 for the US.

Submission + - UK court rules against blogger anonymity. (

EWAdams writes: A British police detective who has been blogging about his job, including embarrassing opinions about police bureaucracy, is about to lose his anonymity. The BBC reports that a UK court has ruled that the public interest is better served by knowing who he is than by preserving his anonymity. The officer could lose his job over this. From the article:

The High Court has refused to preserve the anonymity of an award-winning policeman who has blogged about the force and government ministers.

Mr Justice Eady refused an injunction to prevent the Times identifying serving officer "Night Jack", winner of an Orwell prize for blogging.

The judge said said blogging was "essentially a public rather than a private activity".


Submission + - Charging Electric Vehicles Wirelessly (

waderoush writes: "MIT physicist Marin Soljacic won fame a few years back for inventing a way to transfer electric power through the air using highly resonant magnetic coupling. WiTricity, the Massachusetts startup he founded in 2007, has worked to commercialize wireless charging and powering of gadgets from cell phones to laptops to TVs and handheld tools. But today, at the First German Electric Vehicle Congress in Bonn, WiTricity CEO Eric Giler will demonstrate live a previously undisclosed application---charging electric vehicles without a cord or plug. One demo will simulate a wall-mounted charging system that relays power to a receiver in a car's bumper. Another envisions a transmitter embedded in a garage floor mat with the receiver mounted on a vehicle's undercarriage."

Submission + - Setting up a proxy to help Iranian protestors

lawyer boy writes: "Whatever our political differences, it seems that everyone in the West is pulling for those Iranians who are protesting their recent election results. As the Iranian government cracks down on internet access, citizens are calling for foreigners to provide proxy servers so that they can continue to get the word out. Instructions for using squid to accomplish this are popping up on the web as well as lists of available Iranian IP blocks. I'm sure that the Slashdot community can lend a hand in providing hardware/bandwidth and expertise re: how to provide proxy support without unneccessarliy compromising one's machine."

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