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Comment Re:'gain a relative economical advantage'.. (Score 1) 1336

I must say, you've made some pretty large, sweeping generalizations in your anti-US view.

You make it sound like this large continent lies in a wake of devistation when in fact you are wrong. Our "few national parks" aren't the size of Central Park in New York. They span thousands of hectares across major sections of the country. A large portion of the land in the populated US remains intact with original vegitation, forests and wildlife -- yes I saw a buffalo herd just two weeks ago roaming free-range.

You should give more creedance to the general populace's thinking because half of us don't think the world is flat. Again, you've made a large sweeping generalization. Yes people in general all over the world have concepts in their mind and it can prove difficult changing perspectives, but to accuse a populace of ignorance not based on fact is down right ludicrous.

I just wish people like you would back up your statements with facts rather than sounding like an un-educated, biased blow hard. Facts would make your argument more compelling.

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