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Comment Re:RIP Blackberry... (Score 2) 59

What are you blathering about? Chen might have business moves that you disagree with but he has not "wasted billions." BlackBerry's cash position has held steady outside of acquisitions such as Good. We'll see what happens with the new Android based DTEK50 phone. It's aimed right at businesses and may well be bought by the boatload given BB's commitment to patching frequency, hardware security, and so on.

Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 4, Interesting) 236

Several calls a week? I'm envious. I get a minimum of several a day.
You know, murder is a crime because you rob someone of the remaining time they might have had on this planet. Robo callers steal the equivalent of lifetimes every single day and our useless FTC seems utterly incapable of doing a damned thing about it.

Comment Precisely why I despise the FTC (Score 1) 236

For years they have basically thrown their hands in the air and declared the robo-calling problem unsolvable. They even pathetically tried to crowd-source a solution. And here we learn that there are a small number of perpetrators behind the majority of the calls. No doubt the FTC will do nothing with this information.
I get as many as six robo calls a day. When I used to answer the calls just to waste their time the majority of the operators spoke American english so were clearly operating in the jurisdiction of US law.

Comment Re:Sigh, this again (Score 3, Interesting) 312

It's really interesting how vaping is different from cigs in terms of addiction. I switched from cigs to 12mg vaping and that was fine for a while.. but then, oddly, I found I could no longer handle 12mg! I couldn't understand it, I would walk to work, puffing along the way like I always do, and then find I was having trouble swallowing, terribly anxious amongst other symptoms. Looked up "nicotine overdose" and bingo. Switched to 6mg and now down to 3. Every attempt I made to "cut down" with cigs failed miserably. Somehow vaping gives you a glide path away from the addiction.

Comment Re:'Carcinogenic compounds'. (Score 1) 312

Jesus, thank you, someone did some maths. I feel like there's a slew of upstart researchers out there who are trying to make a name for themselves by publishing papers to the effect of "omg! looks at the bad things we found in ecigs" with no regard to whether the concentrations are actually dangerous.
Guess what, kiddos, there's LEAD in every glass of water that comes out of the tap! LEAD!

Comment Re:Gonna be so much fun (Score 1) 53

You evidently don't know that medical errors are the THIRD leading cause of death in the US. How much of that do you think is attributable to computer security? Yeah, not much.
I would gladly go under the knife of a tested, proven robotic surgeon for most routine procedures when the time is right. A robot can integrate my vitals, look at the surgical area from n different angles, see in infrared, reference a thousand prior cases and on and on. It's a cute but defenseless argument that some computer worm is going to result in patients getting slashed to bits by a virus infecting a surgical machine.
The main holdup for robotic surgery? The AMA which will look after its own.

Comment Re:Worse than the earnings decline in my eyes ... (Score 1) 284

Ordinarily that's true but Apple has a literal embarrassment of riches. They could spend $3B on fusion research and it would be a practical rounding error on their balance sheet. Unless they want to majorly branch out of consumer electronics (ok, the car thing) they are basically at the mercy of shareholders who are demanding some of that profit.
Were I apple I would spend on basic research like batteries and displays. If they want their devices to be anything more than rounded-corners version of android or blackberry they need a patent-protected differentiator.

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