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Comment Re:Godwin! (Score 1) 567

Sorry to reply to my own post, but it just struck me, it actually would be a good idea if the nutjobs were forced to wear some distinguishing badge. As Churchill said, 'a fanatics is someone who can't change his mind, and won't change the subject'...I'm sick of the nutjobs who bore you to tears while they try to convert you to their cause - and there are plenty of them, of all denominations. Suggestions as to an appropriate badge or sign to make 'em easy to avoid, please.

Perhaps we could do the same for the Westboro Baptist Church followers?

Comment Re:flycast.fm replaced it for me. (Score 1) 368

I don't work in a cube, so the PC option is out. And I'm not going to waste money on a laptop, just so it can sit out and get dusty from my work environment. I've been a SIRIUS subscriber for three years and loved their programming. With the merge, my blues channel is all jacked up, and Boneyard is not as good as Buzzsaw was. At least they haven't messed with Classic Vinyl - yet. I have not noticed yakking too much in between songs either. To each their own though....

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