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Comment Re:Parents? (Score 1) 138

Because some doctors are, as you said negligent, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their children are getting proper health care. Rather than legislate/litigate, the FDA is trying to raise awareness, so parents will actively participate in their children's health care, and use their "free market power" to demand proper health care with minimal X-rays.

Comment Focus on TSA too (Score 4, Insightful) 138

I realize this may not be possible because they'd be costing Chertoff ^W^W sympathizing with terrorists, but the FDA should work on TSA body scanners too while they're at it. In medicine, doctors are at least remotely concerned about how much radiation people are exposed to. The TSA is only concerned with keeping people in line, maintaining a security theater, and spending/receiving lots of public money. Limiting children's exposure to X-rays is a respectable, important cause, and not all children will travel by air, but it will all be wasted if the kids run through too many body scanners with traveling parents. Plus, parents will probably not know anything about body scanners, and will believe the TSA agents when they say the scanners are "perfectly safe".

Comment Re:Typical GIMP questions from /.ers (Score 1) 312

"How do I draw a circle? I CAN'T DRAW A CIRCLE WITH IT YET AFTER LIKE 30 YEARS" --lowuserid1997

I see this one asked all the time. First draw your circle in the ellipse selection tool. To make it a perfect circle, just hold shift while selecting, or check the "Fixed" (aspect ratio) option box in the toolbox.

  • For a hollow circle, go to Edit --> Stroke Selection. Then pick your line width, color, etc.
  • For a solid circle, go to Edit --> Fill with BG Color, Fill with FG Color, or Fill with Pattern, depending on what you're trying to do.

Also works with paths (vectors), text, rectangles (with rounded corners), and arbitrary freehand/contiguous/cut-out selections.

Comment Not an epidemic (Score 1) 398

In past years, autism was barely understood/defined, and often misdiagnosed as ADHD, mental retardation, or something similar. As awareness increases and the diagnostic criteria become more straightforward, autism is diagnosed more and more frequently. You can't call that increase in diagnosis an epidemic.

Comment Re:Profit & Lies (Score 2) 730

Of course I'm also sure that none of this has anything to do with the fact that YouTube gets a cut of those ad proceeds. And that a small user posting original content would probably opt not to insert ads, such that YouTube would be then getting a cut of zero.

That shouldn't matter. YouTube gets a cut of the ad revenue no matter who gets the other cut. It's just whether you make the extra profit or Rabblefish.

I'm also willing to venture that after going through the figleaf of a process of he-said, she-said, he-said, that there is little recourse. My guess is that any future attempt by a little guy to appeal/refute/re-dispute a big copyright holders' refutation of the original dispute will fall down some big black rabbit hole of non-responsiveness from YouTube corporate bureaucracy, complete with lack of any personal points of contact for trying to actually resolve this.

I'm not a lawyer but my understanding of the DMCA was that if you dispute it, the company has to either sue you or let it slide. It's not just a you-say-it's-yours they-say-you're-wrong thing; they make an authoritative claim to own the content in question (stating formerly that they did their research), and you dispute it and refuse to comply with the takedown. At this point, liability for infringement is passed from the service provider to you, as you force their hand; if they want DMCA action, they have to take you to court.

From the summary here, I can't quite understand what the OP did or whether he did just that, or any of the other specific details, but I would expect YouTube to remove the ads once the company backed out of filing a lawsuit. Of course the company(ies) in question will keep doing it because there is a financial (and political) incentive and very little risk of any kind of repercussions, but that's how corporate legal departments operate and you just have to keep fighting back when they try to bully you.

Comment Politicians? On Wikipedia? (Score 1) 241

Wait... do you really think politicians would actually research something? Something that requires reading? We are talking about America, right? I'm not saying this won't be effective -- if Wikipedia disappears, with the message that if SOPA/PIPA pass they'll be gone for good, every congressman's switchboard will be flooded -- but to think that congressmen actually do their own thinking, much less research something, is sorely mistaken. The ones who do are probably the ones who are opposed to this already. You must be new here.

Comment Re:Who profits by muddied waters? (Score 3) 165

I said phone, not cell phone or smart phone. You know, those ancient analog devices mounted on the wall from the day and age mentioned in GP, before cell phones were widespread. You speak into them, and they don't connect to the internet or remember your recent contacts. We are still talking about

decades ago when employees got home telephones and occasionally talked business on them

right? Maybe I'm naive, but I don't seem to remember Outlook from a phone being possible back then.

Point being, in the time when this figured out, you didn't have to worry about what kind of sensitive data was stored on a device with no storage capability.


Submission + - Apache flaw allows internal network access ( 1

angry tapir writes: "A yet-to-be-patched flaw discovered in the Apache HTTP server allows attackers to access protected resources on the internal network if some rewrite rules are not defined properly. The vulnerability affects Apache installations that operate in reverse proxy mode, a type of configuration used for load balancing, caching and other operations that involve the distribution of resources over multiple servers."

Comment Re:Religious groups (Score 1) 272

I know I'm late to the discussion, but I thought I'd throw this in for thought.

As long as we're not talking about censorship, I really think this .xxx thing could work. Think about it: somebody looking for porn (he knows what he wants) will look in the .xxx part of the internet, while anybody else will avoid the .xxx. As long as nobody is evesdropping (blackmail, anyone?) or censoring by domain name, the porno website owners have no reason to use anything other than the .xxx domain. As a porn site operator, why would you go out of your way to try and reach people you know don't want what you're selling when you already have a niche market singled out for you?

Yes, I realize Goatse and the like will continue exist, but that's an obvious exception for obvious reasons.

Comment Re:I know Murdoch is crooked... (Score 0, Flamebait) 150

Think bigger -- Fox News, being so radically right wing as it is, represents a huge threat to public workers, safety nets, and generally anything that doesn't immediately benefit the elite class. Even if this ends up hurting News Corp's viewer base (the delusional), it will mean less of this blockading politics in the name of tax cuts for wealthy, less wars of conquest, and less of this anti-union vendetta being pushed on public employees. If they're as leftist as you say, then their workers would probably also like it if the propaganda machine were to die down.

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