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Comment They made my life easier (Score 1) 137

For almost 4 years I was the director of what I like to refer to as a "software sweat shop" on the campus of a major university. Because of our generated revenue, my disliked boss was guaranteed tenure with the only requirement being that we publish six papers during those 3 years. We didn't have much to publish on other than case studies of end users and prognostications of the future of computers in ecology. If it weren't for lame journals I would have had to have devoted much more effort to getting our needed papers published rather than spending my time designing software and working with graduate students to meet our releases. My boss certainly wasn't going to write the papers though he did an excellent job of providing outlines, ideas and a paper writing methodology. I'm pretty sure we had 10 published papers by the time the 3 years was up, some being near repeats in different journals. My boss figured (rightly I'm sure) that we if just had 6 in the bag, that they might look for reasons to kick one or two out. But they weren't going to stoop to disqualifying half of our papers during the tenure review.

Comment Getty now a known perjurer (Score 4, Interesting) 99

Hopefully defense attorneys will use this effectively going forward. Getty won't be able to claim anything and should have to prove everything. Signed document ... no good, we want to depose the signers, etc. That employee doesn't work for you anymore? ... too bad. Normally a judge would not considered these requests reasonable, but they are reasonable in the face of a corporation that has knowingly misrepresented their ownership of copyrights in court.

Comment Re:2 Time Zones (Score 1) 598

You missed the "defacto". I know there are 4 time zones in the U.S. The point is that we really behave as if there are two. Central time gets lumped with Eastern and Mountain gets the same schedules as Pacific. Office hours are not 3 hours different between NY and CA, the real difference is less than 2 hours on average. The other point is that if we want to codify this reality and create two official time zones for the US, the time to do it is now since one of the drivers is becoming irrelevant.

Comment 2 Time Zones (Score 1) 598

I saw a paper a while back that pointed out that the US largely operates on 2 defacto time zones: East and West and these time zones are one hour apart and have been driven by business needs and our TV addiction. TV schedules are quickly becoming irrelevant, so if we don't capitalize on reality soon we may miss our chance to make a painless transition to two time zones and no daylight savings time.

Comment Another sham class action (Score 2) 177

This is just as ridiculous as suing a wrench manufacturer because a few people may have used wrenches to commit crimes. I am a landlord and I know that you can't discriminate in housing. Any employer should also know. Why should Facebook have any liability for this sort of misuse of their system? Seems more appropriate for the Justice department to file a warrant with Facebook and go after every business (if any) that committed these (highly traceable) crimes. This reeks of an inventive attempt by attorneys, and to generate a large class that will make the attorneys megabucks and the plaintiffs nothing.

Comment Microsoft's collaboration problem (Score 4, Insightful) 113

Is that they rely on IT Teams to deploy their collaboration tools. IT Teams perform an analysis and lock down everything that they can before rolling out the product.

The locked down collaboration tool is unable to be used for collaboration and everyone finds some other way to get their jobs done.

The last two companies I have worked for rolled out SharePoint in such a way that people quickly learned to not allow their documents to become captives in the "collaboration tool" and the ballyhooed sites became unused. If Microsoft does not plan on providing a free/consumer offering then this tool will be relegated to the same dust heap that most SharePoint servers have found themselves in and for the same reason: the people in control are not the users.

Comment A bit of hyperbole (Score 1) 176

Stolen -- incorrect and inflammatory verb use.

Unattributed -- The repo is named "wix/WordPress-Editor-Android" ... I would call that a pretty explicit case of attribution.

Wix seems to be in compliance with the GPL. The source for the entire version of their editor is available on GitHub. Matt Mullenweg seems to be aware of this repo and yet he insists that there is some additional and unidentified code that is not publicly available. When one uses terms like "stolen", it is irresponsible to not be explicit about the details.

Comment IT causes the helpdesk requests for Windows PCs (Score 4, Informative) 524

I am sure the same is true at my company. The IT department locks down and otherwise messes with the Windows PCs ... because they can. This impulse to control leads directly to IT support tickets. They don't lock down the Macs because they are not tied into the domain like the PCs are. Most Windows users in my company have to put in a help desk ticket to get new software, update existing software or even add the new printer that IT just installed down the hallway. This is not true for the Mac users. The difference in the way the IT department treats Macs and PCs is the source of the difference in the number of tickets per device-type not the device-types themselves.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 314

The subsidies are per-customer. There are buildings full of old-fashioned switches that cost far more to operate than the sum of the related subsidies. The phone companies can't decommission these facilities until they drive away or convert the last related customer. The unions "of course" want to keep the facilities running for as long as possible.

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