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Comment The authors clearly have some ideas: The tropics (Score 2) 50

Sources of volatile hydroxils include fermentation and plant respiration. The authors did not say "they have no idea", they said they do yet have a mechanistic explanation. They clearly have some ideas and those ideas are related to the differences between the tropics and the rest of the planet and they are all calling for more studies on specifically this.

"However, the authors do not yet have a mechanistic explanation for the last decade's global changes in hydroxyl concentrations. Future studies are needed to investigate this further, Frankenberg says. The researchers also would like to see the trends they detected verified with a more detailed study of both methane sources and sinks."

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 2) 249

Florida's governor Jeb Bush embarrassed a number of counties into cleaning up road graft by simply requiring each county to report metrics such as cost-per-road-mile which ultimately were aggregated in this table: . Counties having the same soil conditions had widely different costs before they were forced to publish comparable metrics. Rather than focus directly on numbers, if distributed role costs such as ratio of HR salaries to total salaries were identified for each agency some discrepancies could be identified. Technology expenses per employee, travel expenses per executive, etc.

Comment Too bad federal prosecutors report to Trump (Score 2) 248

Section 241 of Title 18 is the civil rights conspiracy statute. Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the Unites States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same). Unlike most conspiracy statutes, Section 241 does not require that one of the conspirators commit an overt act prior to the conspiracy becoming a crime.

Comment Re:Dear Funny Americans (Score 1) 366

In economics your statement "everyone pays their rightful share, each individual can pay less" is not necessarily true. Look at it this way: The half life of your money is how many times a dollar can change hands before taxation reduces its value to half or less. With Australia's 10% GAT, this number is 7. If one third of the transactions are cash based, the half-life becomes 10. In this light, the initial holder's relative value of their dollar is 20% greater when 1/3 of the transactions are cash based. If the initial value of your money is hit harder than the amount of tax you pay, then you can come out behind, not ahead when everyone pays their fair share. I personally think 10% is a fair number and that in Australia's case you are largely correct. However the bigger the taxation percentage, the worse the devaluation is under "fairness". "Obvious truths" are not always obvious in economics, the worst offenders that I know of in this regard are the U.S.'s Congressmen. One pertinent question: will a government lower the rate when compliance increases to equalize value of the money? Regardless, professor Richard Holden deserves an "F" in Economics for his simplistic statements.

Comment Staff student ratio of 1:1 (Score 1) 374

The economics of universities is horribly broken. The federal government has been providing easy money to Universities via student loans. Universities are bureaucracies and like any bureaucracy will simply grow to spend the money available. The University of Texas' bureaucracy has grown to be 1 administrator for every 7 students. The faculty:student ratio is 18:1! So there are more than twice as many administrators as faculty. The square footage of the university has also doubled in the last 30 years and the facilities are very nice, but the student body size has changed little in 30 years. The bulk of a student's tuition is clearly going to big beautiful buildings and a bulging bureaucracy. At $500,000 for four years, you are looking at one staff person (faculty or administration) per student. At some point before campuses have just as many employees as students I would hope that just how obviously wrong this is would become apparent.

Comment Re:May not be popular, but windowsrm is a pretty s (Score 1) 151

14 years and a solid v4.2 on the SDK ... what exactly is your definition of mature? Microsoft's big failure wrt RMS is their inability to automate roll-outs. It is way too painful to get set up the first time, but once you have done it a few times, it can be done on a demo network in less than 4 hours. RMS is the only solution that covers your entire corporate data and security stack from authentication to network transport to data-at-rest. Adoption success rate is less than stellar though, not inherently because of the product but because IT shops have a tendency to apply controls beyond those necessary. RMS allows an IT shop to do to your entire network what they normally do to a SharePoint server: lock it down until it is useless.

Comment Lacks Metadata and Signatures (Score 1) 235

The module definition omits basic metadata such as author and version information and there is no defined place to sign the binary. I know they want small but I am sick and tired of browsers having to run unattributable code. Their security model looks like it ignores attacks such as an "enhanced" advertisement filtering all browser key strokes from a background thread and sending them home.

Comment Length of courses more important than content (Score 2) 70

In some cases, I'm guessing when a college or a state writes a contract for creating these courses, the length of time of the video content must be the most important clause in the contract. My son signed up for Texas' online high school physics class last summer in order to avoid taking it during the school year. It was very clear that the objective of the course materials was to consume required amount of time and not really to teach physics. It was more like a remedial drivers ed class one takes as punishment for speeding than anything that resembled a real class. I imagine that quite a few online classes come into being based on this "time content" model.

Comment LTG Flynn deserves respect (Score 1) 895

Lets not forget that LTG Flynn is the type of man who has risked his life at times to answer a Priority Information Request (PIR). In many ways this takes more nerve and commitment than straight up combat. I suspect that part of the problem is that he may not have considered Pence to be in his chain of command as the vice president is not normally delegated roles in the way Trump was delegating things to Pence.

Comment Rinse repeat? (Score 1) 213

GVFS feels like a philosophical disconnect with GIT and a software tool created to work around a lack of software architecture. It probably would be a better idea to fix the software architecture problem.

Polytron's tool chain supported partial local builds back in the 80's. We used Polymake and PVCS to build Comshare's EIS. If you changed just one C file, that was all that compiled on your system. Polymake basically had two paths it looked at for all dependencies and their lib command had a nice replace-module command. Fixing the architecture and having a better make seems like a better solution than monkeying with the source code control system.

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