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Comment Re:Queue the feminists (Score 1) 131

instead of being attention seekers

I take issue with that kind of language being used to describe someone who chose his shirt for the day with two aims 1) To fight the stereotype of scientists as detached figures, unrepresentative as role-models for kids choosing their path in life; 2) To publicly show the female friend that had made it for him that he appreciated his gift.

Comment Re:The tech industry turned toxic. (Score 1) 264

My IT job:

1) 8% of salary goes to a pension that will pay ~60% of my final salary, plus a lump sum.
2) 27 days paid holiday, + about 10 days of fixed mandatory holiday, + national holidays
3) 36.5 hours workweek and TOIL if I work outside that
4) The NHS (don't knock it until it's saved your child's life, for 'free')
5) Niche speciality that's unlikely to be outsourced

I'm the only male in my office.

It's really down to what kind of 'IT' and where you are doing it.

Comment Re:The future of telescopes. (Score 1) 185

Well, I reasoned this out myself, so maybe I'm wrong, but basically superconducting cameras are able to register every photon that sees them, sending off ~18000 electrons per photon hit. CCDs, on the other hand, send off 1 electron for every photon hit (I read that a while ago but I think those are the numbers).

Since CCD sensors are so much less sensitive...

Actually, they are equally sensitive. They are both capable of telling us that 1 photon impact occurred. You can't get any more sensitive than that.

Comment Re:I'm sure they're (Score 1) 608

The V1 'Doodlebug' shows that this technology was achievable, if desired. The OP is talking about theoretical plans that never made it anywhere near implementation -- as you indicate, they are ridiculous. However, the ability to fly a predetermined flight plan with a crash into a city at the end, powered by an radioisotope to electric powerplant is reasonable.

Comment Re:I just love the "new" security features... (Score 3, Funny) 211

Hello! Your entire first grade class had the same teacher. Your friends know the name of your pets and the street you lived on. Your cousins sure as hell know the rest of the questions like mother's maiden name etc.

Why not just give everyone the default code of 0000 or 12345? It's about the same level of security.

Explains why social sites are always down when I try to sign up - little Bobby Tables was in my class.


Smart Wallets React To Spending By Shrinking 98

fangmcgee writes "These high-tech wallets are digitally programmed to react to your bank account levels by shrinking in size, refusing to open, or vibrating whenever a transaction is processed. From the article: 'The Proverbial Wallets come in three attractive styles to fit your spending needs: The Mother Bear has a constricting hinge that makes it harder to open the closer you approach your monthly budget, while the Bumblebee buzzes every time a transaction is processed. The Peacock inflates and deflates with the amount of cash in your account, which puts your assets on “display” for potential mates, according to the designers.'"

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