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Comment Re:Witnessing History (Score 1) 350

Actually, I really loathe shopping at Walmart. I feel like I am participating in a beatdown of workers in the US and worldwide. But with stagnant pay for several years, then a pay cut to keep the company alive, I find I need to shop there for some items.

Costco, I don't know about how they treat workers, but the deals on bulk food are great. It's about all I buy there.

Comment Re:Only if they reported it. (Score 2) 197

Our company uses Sprint for wireless service. When I call and report a phone stolen, I have to use the account PIN to complete the transaction. The phone is logged to a lost and stolen database and if the phone shows up again, I have to get the phone removed from this database before reactivating it.

My users bring me grey market phones to activate for them on a regular basis. I call Sprint and often they tell me that the phone is in the lost and stolen database and cannot be reactivated unless the original owner contacts them and releases the phone. I hand the phone back to the user and tell him to get his money back, that the phone is hot.

Most insurers of cell phones have a policy that states if the reported phone is reactivated at any time after the claim is processed and a replacement issued, the insured will be billed the retail cost of the phone minus any deductible paid.

There are a lot of identifying codes that phones use to authenticate on the network, and they are strongly linked to the account holder. AT&T is lying like a dog, plus just being cheap.

They are the Evil Empire® after all.

Comment Re:time, place, manner (Score 1) 743

Same ol' story...the Puritans left Europe cause they weren't allowed to persecute those who were not as religious as they should be. Later, in America, the founders also cut them off. It's that whole 'one god, one way, get the inquisitioner in here' attitude that makes me say, "never trust a christian any further than you can throw the lion that's chewing on them".

Comment Anti-Science Indeed... (Score 1) 1237

Though this comment comes from someone who would have been on the front-line torching heretical thinkers and scientists during the Inquisition, it will soon enough be a meme accepted by the masses due to the steady drum beat of the Fox echo chamber. The more they trash and dismantle education, the easier it will be for the church to subvert individual freedom, speech and self determination.

We have seen the end of the enlightenment with the rise of the church state in the United States. I, for one, will fight our new overlords.

Comment Re:Nah, Georgia Power Scam! (Score 2) 596

Until they got the permits, Georgia Power could not get investor funding, so their pro-business anti-consumer buddies on the Public Service Commission okayed soaking the ratepayers to fund the construction. The project will be over budget and behind schedule and the ratepayers will get another soaking because a business should never expect the share holders to risk a loss. Those customers that move away before the project goes online, they were investors that never saw a return.

Gotta luv our lemon socialist Republican state government.

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