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Comment Re:Multiplatform will prepare our students far bet (Score 1) 1217

Sure, give them computer education. But I still don't see how learning about an ancient machine is going to help modern kids. I learned about fortran and punch cards when I was in school and I really don't feel like any of it was that valuable. If anything, why not just have them mess around with a modern computer? If the goal is to just familiarize them with components. Showing someone an ancient machine seems like a waste of time.

Comment Multiplatform will prepare our students far better (Score 2, Interesting) 1217

If we are training kids for the future we should definitely have them use a windows/linux variant. I remember back in the university our C++ class had a computer lab that was split between Macs and PCs. The PCs would always be all in use and I had to make do on a mac. I definitely did not enjoy having to do everything differently than the majority of the class, but my teacher appreciated me taking one for the team. If anything I think having a multi platform environment would be good for students having to deal with different platforms at different companies.

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