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Comment Re:Hyper-V or vSphere. (Score 1) 191

I have some experience with Hyper-V 2012. It's useless when scaled to run more than few virtual machines. There are issues that cause data corruption on hosts when doing migrations (yes, there is ticket open about that, been open for 8 months now without fix). SystemCenter requires silverlight and there are plenty of smaller issues. Linux support is close to a joke too.

Comment Question to Slashdot tech (Score 1) 384

New mobile site really doesn't work on desktop browsers, but it does load articles and i can see what it's all about.

Now my question is, what makes it so hard to make it? I think i could create something like this with jQuery Mobile or Sencha in few days (or less). Why did you choose to start from scratch and now spend days and days to fix bug's like touch events and differences beetween browsers? You could spend most of your time to simply polish and make it look like yours if you chose to use UI libraries that are already available.

Comment Re:Shouldn't even want to virtualise everything. (Score 2) 320

Heck, a soekris or an alix board will do.

I know this is not related, but failure rate for soekris boards are close to 100% in three years. I'm not sure if problem is with power unit that they use, but very soon everything starts to fail and magic smoke comes out of soekris.

Comment Re:Already in place in Sweden? (Score 1) 162

Now I might be wrong here but memory serves that in Sweden the retailers are forced to accept a return of old equipment of the same kind when you purchase a new one. My google-fu right now has failed me so I can't find a reference.

I might be that what was optional now will be mandatory and different countries could already have this in effect.

More googling suggests that this is how it is. /C

Mandatory in Finland also, can't recall how many years already. But it's not just that, you can also take your old electronics to local dump and recycle them for free. This also works for all other household item's that can be recycled, like old car batteries. No reason to throw them into river or park at night.

Comment Windows 8 on tablet (Score 1) 345

I'm running Windows 8 preview edition on my old Atom tablet. Metro works really well and i was amazed that it works with just 1GB of RAM (sure, more would be better). There are still some things missing, but it's very fast and way how apps are designed, makes it easy to port them for WP8 devices. I'm not big fan of Microsoft, but they could be on to something this time..

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