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Comment Change for nothing (Score 1) 446

USB-C is still proprietary port. Just because some specs are available docent mean its open implementation. This is change for no reason. Users have been wanting better batteries for phones for years now. Trend seems to be thinner and thinner phones that also means severe compromises on physical integrity of phone. Personally i would keep old and trusty connector, add couple mm to thickness of phone and use that space to add bigger battery for phone. Modern usage patterns really dont benefit to small batteries...

Comment Im not suprised it still works (Score 1) 290

Well old times things were not built to cheapest zhensen market special offer components. Om surprised our modern technology works as well at it does considering they use cheapest everything they can find on them... Vheapest capasitors, cheapest resistors, cheapest chips, cheapest pcb manufacturing.... And old Commodore64 pcb is not one of those moderns hey lets get little water on it and it corrodes away types...

Comment Stupidity on its finest (Score 1) 761

Stupidity more like it... I do understand apples drive to maximize profits by moving to proprietary custom BT chips, with added bonus of tieing customers even more to apple products, etc... but i dont undestand why remve good reliable connector. It can be water proofed if wanted, so thats just xcuse of bad manufacturing and engineering..

Comment Stupidest idea ever... (Score 0) 178

More like designed to be hacked.. Come home after long weekend trip, find all in fridge ruin because some script kiddie resetted thermostat to room temperature... Very good idea to make IoT hype fridge.... Knowing Microsofts development model, security is last thing in their mind... But atleast you can enjoy BSD in new environment, your fridge....

Comment Disaster wont wait untill your not busy to strike (Score 1) 52

Thats how you should do it. Disasters dont wait around untill your not busy doing something else, they hit when they want to. Thats why i think live testing is important to see if recovery plan works or needs iteration of improvement... Best test is usually when disaster strikes right when you have hands full of something else... No time to dig up manuals, etc...

Comment Same old Microsoft policy (Score 1) 118

So Microsoft still continues old ways of Swiss cheese out f box practise. No offence to real Swiss cheese, its actually very good cheese. Considering how massive amount of money Microsoft has and how they could hire best programmers, etc... Im surprised they still keep making same damn mistakes again and again. Almost like design practise is: Lets sell them broken product and then release fix to some issues later...

Comment Understanding (Score 1) 272

Im not suprised... Took me a whole day to install it on one of my laptops. First obstacle was it newer started downloading it... After trying upgrade helper turns out i didint have 20 GB of space it required.... Why didint normal update tell me this was problem? Then there was incompatible HP security software... Manually unsinstall 7 sub components of it and then main security manager... Reboot system at every turn... When it finally starter installing it still took nearly 3 hours to complete... Im so glad im not running business, that would have been disaster to be down a day for damn upgrade... So i did finally take a plunge, not doing anything super secret with this one... But i definitely understand why people stay away from it. I have newer had to waste whole day to upgrade any Linux distribution to newer version. Fastest have been half an hour and reboot once.

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