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Submission + - Facebook Layout Changes.., again (

lanky2004 writes: After noticing that the Facebook layout has changed for me on a few different computers I did some Googling and discovered it wasn't just me noticing the changes.

Almost exactly one year ago, Facebook laid out its vision for the future of News Feed. Facebook spent months refining its new design, which touted huge photos, a dynamic navigation bar, and Tumblr-esque profile photos. The company rolled out its new design to a fraction of its billion users, and then called the whole thing off. Users hated the new design. So for its next News Feed, Facebook went back to square one. Today the social network is unveiling its latest design for News Feed, which takes learnings from its failed trial and applies them to a familiar but fresh design that it plans to roll out globally over the next few weeks. The new News Feed looks almost exactly like Facebook's mobile News Feed, bearing new iconography, bigger photos, new fonts (Helvetica and Arial), and story cards. The design ditches the prominent drop-down menu of feeds Facebook championed in its designs last March, and sticks them back in the left sidebar. In other words, Facebook's dreams about turning your News Feed into a newspaper of RSS-like feeds are officially over. News feeds like "All Friends," "Groups," and "Photos" have been removed entirely.

Submission + - Pedobear runs amok (

lanky2004 writes: "A coupon book advertising for a company called CP Distributor: "A Florida computer repair business just can't wait for March to end, after a coupon book advertised its services backed by one of the internet's most notorious meme mascots.

"Pedobear" has popped up in America's Favorite Coupon Book, spruiking the services of the computer parts retailer, CP Distributor.""


Submission + - Contractor gets Cut (

lanky2004 writes: Bit of a booboo here in Sydney town today.

Thousands of homes and businesses in Sydney's CBD will be without phone, internet or mobile services today — and some could be cut-off for several days — after a contractor accidentally severed crucial underground cables.

Submission + - Zero-Knowledge Coding: Am I Crazy For Deciding To 4

r0wan writes: "I maintain a blog and currently have a Blackberry 8310, for which there are zero Blogger mobile clients that work with the new GData Blogger API (and yes, I do know about Mail2Blogger, but until Blackberry coughs up a rich text mail client, it's not a great option). Being the type of person who unscrewed lightbulbs as a kid 'to see where the light comes from', I decided to write my own.

The problem? At the moment of my decision, the closest I'd ever come to programming was VBScripting a lot of admin scripts, and I knew absolutely zilch about Java or J2ME and less than that about object oriented programming.

That was about two weeks ago. Now I know fractionally more than zilch about Java and J2ME thanks to Sun's Java trails, and I've managed to install the Blackberry JDE, the Blackberry JDK, the J2ME 3.0 SDK and Eclipse. I've even successfully figured out how to open a few existing open source J2ME projects (MobileBlogger and Azure for those still reading) and build them, which required some minor troubleshooting that was major for me since I had to look up what a workspace was, and figure out that you can't use spaces for them.

My co-workers, however, think I'm crazy, stupid, or both and that I should either pay someone to write it for me or pay for hosting and PHP something that I can browse to on my Blackberry. I'm stubborn, so I'm ignoring them and reading up on What Is A Constructor during my lunch hours, but part of me wonders, are they right? Am I biting off way more than I should try to chew?"

Submission + - Australian Goverment to break up Telstra (

benz001 writes: The same Minister in charge of the ridiculous broadband filter plan has at least won a few brownie points with today's press conference ( Telstra, Australia's largest ISP and the countries main infrastructure owner is to voluntarily split off its network and wholesale arms or the Goverment will step in with legislation.

The official press release can be found on the Ministers site (

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