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Comment How much do they expect people to drive? (Score 1) 762

I drive 36,000+ miles a year on average - I would have killed for a VW Diesel GTI but they were not selling them in 2008. I was getting around 15-18MPG in a van with no AC or heating and I had my break-even threshold set at $2.37 a gallon. My plan has always been to drive the Prius until the wheels fall off and the battery stops charging, and even then I might do an after-market mod to make it plug-in. I get tired of people making me defend my purchase all the time. TFA based the miles driven at 20,000km - I drive 3x that. Plus I paid just $28k for the car not $40k as in TFA (might be a difference in USD/loonies there though).

Comment The entire concept is broken (Score 5, Insightful) 249

With the initial Vista UAC people were trained to just click yes to everything or they would turn off the function entirely. With Windows 7 it is far less frustrating but the User part of the UAC is what is broken, there is no substitution for actually educating users. That is something that is far out of MS's reach IMHO.

Comment 3-4 for Wii sports games (Score 4, Interesting) 503

When we were snowed in last week my daughter and I played some Wii tennis. She's 3.5 years old, bowling was a bit much for her and she lacked the eye-hand coordination for the baseball game. She also likes to hop around on Dance Dance Revolution mats, but is pretty far from being able to line up steps with the screen.
I know I was a Pac-man player around age 5-6, but with the Wii being so engaging I can see kids taking off using it sooner. Plus in areas with terrible weather it is a nice way to keep kids moving when outdoor play is not available.

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