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Comment Re:Can VR really "fail"? (Score 1) 88

I find it interesting (and slightly depressing), both in this comment and the responses, that everyone still thinks of VR as a "game thing." It has so much potential beyond games, and that is why it will succeed (eventually). It will take more time, but definitely not twenty years.

The reasons it's not taking off (as fast as some overly optimistic people thought) are plenty. Expensive, yes. Takes space in your home, yes (and most people don't have it to spare). Tethered and can trip you, yes. Biggest of all, there's no content that is compelling enough to reach a wide audience. All of these will change, except perhaps for the need for space.

Comment Re:Ouya just isn't compelling (Score 1) 134

I was an original backer for the Ouya. The interface is a bit awkward, but worse, the software titles just aren't compelling. There doesn't seem to be a great reason to make an exclusive Ouya game, and anything you can find there you can get on your phone or another platform. Playing smartphone games on your TV just doesn't deliver any kind of wow factor. :(

Non-compelling titles and not much reason for developers to target the Ouya platform pretty much sums it up. Also, for all the hype concerning the controller, it's not very well-designed and the buttons stick.

I'm still rooting for them, but the execution was pretty disappointing.

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