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Comment Manufacturers need to step up their game (Score 1) 321

While a lot will say it is the consumer's fault for not securing (and I'm not saying they're wrong), it's just as much the manufacturers fault for not putting a bigger emphasis on security. People are so willingly ignorant of what kind of functionality their devices have outside of what they want. When setting up ANY device that can be accessed remotely, changing the default logon should be mandatory. Would consumers whine? Probably, but with a brief statement of WHY it has to be done any reasonably thinking person would be willing to put in the effort to change these defaults to avoid this kind of breach.

Submission + - Valve Announces Steam Controller Gamepad (

MojoKid writes: First, Valve announced SteamOS; then they announced the Steam Machines beta project, which in due time will bring a Valve-made gaming device as well as a host of others; and the third and final announcement of the week is the Steam Controller, which Valve bills as a “different kind of gamepad”. As part of Valve’s major play for the living room, the company wanted to seriously revisit the concept of input. Mouse-and-keyboard is simply too cumbersome for the living room, and Valve felt that current game controllers left too much to be desired, as well. The device will play all Steam games--even older titles that weren’t built for anything but mouse and keyboard input--and it features dual circular trackpads that are clickable; a touchscreen in the middle of the device (that is also clickable) that overlays your input on the big screen; and sixteen total buttons, including left and right shoulder buttons, A/B/X/Y buttons, and more. The Steam Controller is fully hackable, and it’s part of the Steam Machine beta, so if you get in, you get a controller, too.

Submission + - Weather Control Conspiracy Theories are Scientifically Lucicrous

barlevg writes: The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang breaks down two popular conspiracy theories: that HAARP is responsible for severe weather and that contrails from commercial airliners are actually "chemtrails" sprayed for nefarious purposes, and explains why each is preposterous to anyone with even an elementary knowledge of meteorology or an iota common sense. The author readily acknowledges that his analysis will do nothing to convince the tinfoil-hat-wearing, vinegar-spraying members of the populace.

Submission + - Half-Life 3 is Not in Production, says Valve Voice Actor (

Dylan Critchfield writes: According to voice actor John Patrick Lowrie, Vavle is not actively producing Half-Life 3. Lowrie sites issues with mo-cap as a large factor, as previous entries in the series (and others in the engine as well) used hand-crafted animations to make the experience more immersive. "One of the great things about HL2 is that all of the characters that you meet actually look at you when they talk to you no matter where you go or stand. With mo-cap you can’t do that, at least not yet", says Lowrie.

If what Mr. Lowrie says is in fact accurate, does this put HL3 in the same bucket that Duke Nukem Forever previously occupied?

Submission + - Google is blocking Microsoft phone Youtube app (

DougDot writes: So who's being more evil? Hard to say.

Summary: Google and Microsoft are at it again. The just-released and jointly developed YouTube app for Windows Phone is now being blocked by Google.

Submission + - Lab-Grown Heart Created Using Mouse Organ, Stem Cells [VIDEO] (

Rebecka writes: A 2008 study’s findings resulted in the recent creation of a lab-grown human heart. According to an Aug. 13th report from Nature Communications via, a team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine created beating, human heart tissue through the process of decellularization.

The process used to create the lab-grown organ was reportedly modeled after a 2008 University of Minnesota study that found a rat heart's life could be regenerated by using the cells of newborn rats.

Submission + - When is it ok to not give notice? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Here in the U.S., "being professional" means giving at least two week's notice when leaving a job. Is this an outmoded notion? We've all heard stories about (or perhaps experienced) a quick escort to the parking lot upon giving the normal notice, and I've never heard of a company giving a two week notice to an employee that's being laid off or fired.
A generation ago, providing a lengthy notice was required to get a glowing reference, but these days does a reference hold water any more?
Once you're reached the point where you know it's time to leave, under what circumstances would you just up and walk out or give only a short notice?

Comment It's handy at work, not much else (Score 1) 172

I use Google Voice during my work day since I can't have my phone on me in the building. Handy to have since my outside facing phone # can change from time to time and I can just forward GVoice calls to my office phone. It's also nice to be able to text family/friends about plans, things needing done, etc, but outside of work? I hardly touch it. I keep the app on my phone to see if I get responses after I leave the office, but I more often than not just switch to my phone's messaging app.

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