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Comment First @home that I used, or my first? (Score 1) 856

The first computer I used at home was my dad's C64, then his C128. When I graduated high school, my parents got me a 486 DX2/50. Which I quickly overclocked to 66Mhz by moving a jumper. Then I bought 4MB (getting me to 8MB) of ram so that I could play a game. I want to say it was X-wing or X-wing vs Tie, but I'm certain it was a Star Wars game. A few months in I upgraded the memory on the video card. It was something like 8 DIP modules that I had to install. 405MB or mabye 420MB hard drive, which at one point I triple booted into OS2/Warp 4, Slackware with a pre-1.0 kernel (installed from a whole bunch of floppy disks), and Windows 3.1.

Comment Re:Paid Ad for WhiteOps? (Score 2) 93

If you're asking about the file domains.txt , that's not the "bad" domains, that's the "legitimate" advertisers who were victimized by the scheme. The whitepaper doesn't have full technical detail, but it sounds like the bot-farms used hosts files or private DNS to serve pages that seemed to be within those domains, without ever hitting the origin servers or even a public CDN. The list of "bad" actors, by IP address range, is the file IPs-CIDR.txt .

Comment Keep the EC, runoff if doesn't match popular (Score 1) 637

I would support an effort to use direct national IRV for the President, but with a healthy dose of caution about making such a major change. An "incremental" change that I'd support before that would be to have a week-later runoff if the popular vote doesn't have a majority, or if it doesn't match the expected decision of the Electoral College, maybe with the ballots limited to the higher vote-getters from the first round.

Comment Amazing over-reaction of the left, like 8 years ag (Score 4, Insightful) 590

The progressive elements have become nothing if predictable. It wasn't that long ago that Obama got the Nobel Peace prize simply for being elected President. Now we have the opposite but equal over-reaction with. Instead of Obama saving the world, we have Trump destroying it. I have no doubt that just like Obama didn't earn the Nobel Peace prize, Trump won't earn the terror his election has triggered.

Comment Re:Couldn't Clinton Still Win? (Score 1) 1081

The exact procedure for appointing electors varies by state, but in most (all?) states the electors are nominated by a party. For example, in Michigan, the Republican electors were nominated at the state convention in late August. The people voting at the convention were county delegates; county delegates were chosen by vote at a county convention a few weeks before; the people at the county convention were precinct delegates and incumbent elected officials; the precinct delegates were elected back in May. The elector from my district is a 70ish retired white guy from Oakland County who has never held elected office other than precinct and convention delegate. It sounded from the remarks of his supporters like he came from a blue-collar background and had been apolitical for much of his younger life, but had been a tireless volunteer since becoming politically active.

If Trump does something sufficiently heinous and notorious between now and mid-December, or if he's actually dead, it's possible that some, most or all of the Republican electors could defect, but if they do so, they're more likely to vote for some other Republican than for any Democrat. If not all agree, that could pass the election to the House. There again, a Republican-controlled House is unlikely to choose Clinton; although it's possible as some sort of brokered deal (maybe keep Clinton as president but with Pence or Ryan as vice-president, for example).

Comment Re:Less than 1/3 the output (Score 1) 587

This is so far off the mark. OCR doesn't care if your dev's are onshore or offshore. What OCR cares about is if the dev's had access to ePHI or PII. If all they get in test/dev is de-identified or fake data, OCR is likely happy. They'll investigate to make sure your access controls are in place to enforce separation of duties and that developers can't access production.

OCR will also investigate how your network segmentation is done, you aren't using a flat network, are you?

While there is some risk is doing off-shore development for HIPAA related applications, it is in no way verboten.

Comment Re: Errrrm, analyse your traffic? ... Maybe? (Score 2) 279

Spend even $100 on a good router like an EdgeRouter Lite. Set the outbound firewall to record all activity for a day or even hours. Look through the logs, research and block what you. Repeat the process on occasion and you'll reduce your risk by quite a bit, though there will always be some residual risk.

Comment WayBack link to his site, with lead of recent post (Score 1) 212

Since it'll be offline for a while, perhaps... Israeli Online Attack Service ‘vDOS’ Earned $600,000 in Two Years.

vDOS — a “booter” service that has earned in excess of $600,000 over the past two years helping customers coordinate more than 150,000 so-called distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks designed to knock Web sites offline — has been massively hacked, spilling secrets about tens of thousands of paying customers and their targets.

The vDOS database, obtained by at the end of July 2016, points to two young men in Israel as the principal owners and masterminds of the attack service, with support services coming from several young hackers in the United States. [...]

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