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Comment Re:A tangible advantage (Score 1) 78

FB is simply going to utilize a different vector which as other posts have suggested may or may not be better than search history, among the other piece of data utilized by Google. FB has data that Google has been eagerly attempting to garner (with little success) and exploit to enhance targeted advertising. In this environment, one is not only able to take advantage of the direct personal information revealed by the user but also able to infer additional information by analyzing the users social network and it's complex relationship web. This is extremely powerful. In fact, a particular advantage of utilizing such a vector proposed by FB is that it does not rely on search history. Just because I'm searching for "Albert Einstein" does not mean I'm interested in a book on relativity or a search for Bob Dylan I'm suddenly going to buy his CDs. In stead, analyzing my social network will allow for the ability to display ads generated by my social network which in theory are relevant irrespective of my search history profile. Example, FB can easily deduce that a close friend of mine with whom I frequently attend "clubs" (by analzying event history) has purchased a clubbing shirt. An ad of this type may be more relevant than a Bob Dylan CD. This could even go further and this interference could occur in a completely different social circle that happens to correlate with my social network. Extremely powerful tool.

Comment safari true condenender? (Score 1) 155

"They didn't actually test the Safari browser on the iPhone," Kerris argues. And, We hope Apple will help us enable those [browser] optimisations and repeat the measurement. Until then, for all we know the missing optimisations may not make a big impact." So, yeah, fix your shit and stop crying.

Comment the gov is drooling over this (Score 1) 124

The Egyptions protests have demonstrated the incredible utility of social networking sites in enabling a large pool of people to organize around a common idea. Furthermore, the online presence of these discussions stipulates that many of the individual contributing their thoughts have not actually met in person. It is a group of anonymous souls with a common idea attempting to reach out to as many people as possible. I'm do not claim to be an expert in the group dynamics or how revolutions begin, but it is quite clear that the pool of people draw from mutual influence. Now, I can imagine a system of hundreds of fake, (semi-)automated profiles capable of infiltrating these discussion with IBM Watson type NLP precision and disrupting their progress. The exact method in how this is accomplish is quite complicated but with current technology it is not far from reality. The group dynamics would be quite different from reality and perhaps disturbed enough to prevent reaching a critical mass. I can parallel such a system to the effect of the news generated by CNN and Fox News--far from reality but quite influential. The opinions of those articulating reality is effectively be muddled, and now even in the social networking forum.

Comment Re:Software engineer vs. computer programmer? (Score 1) 337

as far as i'm aware, there is no organization granting or requires one to have a license in order to be a practitioner of software development. for instance, the medical field requires that practitioners hold a specific license and in addition, requires that said practitioner also seek continuous development throughout ones career in order to maintain a valid license. in this sense, software engineering is an immature field. The ACM organization does however publish a Software Engineering Code of Ethics that I was asked to agree to upon graduating from my institution and being granted a degree. This of course, is not at all enforced in practice as employers do not request a legal document stating that I've agreed to that code. http://www.acm.org/about/se-code

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