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Comment I dont get it (Score -1, Troll) 306

Frankly I dont see a problem with threatening to cease and desist. He emailed the CEO twice in two weeks, both times threatening to leave if he didnt get what he wanted. The tone of his language seemed worse in the second email and I suspect the exec service agent (who handled both emails) thought he was being called a "$12/hour Executive Relations college student" - not realising the customer meant the usual helpline staff.

I love how he ends his first blog post about this with:
"So in the end, I'm definitely switching to the HTC Evo, and cancelling my iPhone & iPad 3G AT&T services - I don't want to give my money to a company that is bothered by its customers, and threatens them legally to prove it."
I thought he said he was going to leave if they didnt solve his problem anyway!

I guess I just dont get this whole "email the CEO" thing. We keep seeing people getting replies from Steve Jobs (no doubt really from his team) and I have read of people having luck with other big companies. I think the problem would go away if they just stopped answering normal customers emails to the CEO and executives, or at least just replied with the customer service contact details.

Comment Re:What part of "use a proxy" can't he understand? (Score 1) 577

To be honest, it sounds fair enough to me. That message he posted clearly looks like a threat. I appreciate that he was frustrated and just joking, but he posted it on a public service where people may not realise this. Im not saying I agree with all the terrorist excuses the police use. There are lots of examples of them over reacting. Just this weekend there was a slashdot article on the school kid whose home project got him in trouble. I think its horrific that poor kid was just trying to learn on his own time and was pleased enough with himself that he wanted to show friends, but now will probably never push himself again. In this case though, I can see how saying such a thing would have people concerned he was being serious. Its not like they are actually charging him with terrorist offences - they will be charging him with a bomb hoax.

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1049

I agree. While I may think less of someone who still uses aol as their isp, it is completely unfair to dismiss their applications just because they happen to use an aol or hotmail email account. I use gmail - and when you get down to it it is just an email service, hotmail would do the job just as well. Anyway, what business is it of my employer which free email provider I decide to use? Along as I have one, so they can contact me...

Comment Re:Thank you Navy and EFF (Score 3, Interesting) 402

Id be a bit concerned about using a service like Tor when booking your flights. After all, is letting them know your IP when they know so much else really a big deal? They already know a lot about who you are, yet it looks quite dodgy if you tried to mask yourself. Also, what if the pc you tor out to the internet from is flagged no-fly? Sure, you could probably eventually prove it was nothing to do with you, but it wouldnt be a fun day in the airport!

Comment Re:I didn't RFTA but ... (Score 1) 859

Whats the point in replying if your not going to RTFA? Even stating it in the subject still makes part of your post useless.

"Cutting all Power" should mean cutting additional gas that accelerate...or I mean it just work like cruise control that instead of supplying more gas when it goes under speed, it stop supplying more gas when it goes over the speed.

Thats how it works, power to engine is reduced to limit your speed.

But requiring GPS? ...

It needs GPS to match the speed limit to roads. HGVs, some company vans, buses, etc in the UK have a limit set like you said. For HGVs this is 56mph, for some vans its 60 or 70. In the case of the HGV this is to make sure it is not driven beyond its safe limit. With the others it stops the vehicle going over the national speed limit.

However, the GPS based system will ensure that the drivers can not (when it is enabled) exceed the speed limit on any road. The tested version has a "warning only" mode, but presumably if this gets used nationwide by large companys they will enforce it, as they do now with HGV limits.

Why do we need to pull GPS into the picture? I have absolutely no idea.

Imagine a taxi driver (im probably being a bit prejudiced, but in my experience they frequently speed on 30mph city roads) - he would have to follow the limits regardless of how many customers he wants to have in the shift. This of course cant ensure good driving but its a step closer.

Comment Re:my laundry list (Score 1) 384

I want a camera to record where I go and what I do and act as a backup for my cranial memory. I want it to recognize faces to keep track of my history that person.

Facebook handles that for you.

I want an internet connection everywhere so that I can call up an alternative recipe on the fly when I realize at the last minute that I'm missing an ingredient.

Recipe iphone app?

I want to use the sum analyses of my automotive commutes to recommend ways I can change my driving behaviour to extend the life of my car and use less fuel.

Why does that have to be HMD or wearable? Just use a GPS (or your phone) to track your journeys and suggest new routes.

So.. You can pretty much do what you want already. You just have to give up your rights to google, facebook and apple, and have to look down at a screen now and again.

I think we have to accept that yet again the future will not be exactly as predicted (or as cool), but will accomplish similar goals and be cool in different ways in the end.

Comment Re:Unprofessional Review (Score 2, Insightful) 235

He manually installs the Flash plugin and calls it unintuitive, when all you need to do is go to a website with Flash content, and it'll automatically install for you.
Well, he doesnt say its unintuitive, he just doesnt try any way other than installing it in the terminal. It was when he said that I knew this review was completely useless. And then again in his summary he says

On the other hand, I was also being repeatedly frustrated with my attempts to get things done by the standard methods I'd use on a normal Ubuntu system.
Im pretty sure Walmart are not aiming this pc at the average ubuntu user. I would have been much more interested in how usable this machine is by people with limited computer knowledge. Can they find the major apps, do any errors crop up, etc.

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