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Comment Throwaway society (Score 2) 368

This is a very cool idea, and there are plenty of things that are fixable, but it doesn't help that corporate interest favors products that are not repairable. There is much more money to be made when you can convince or force consumers to buy new. A throwaway society consists of those who buy the throwaways, and those who sell the throwaways.

Comment Nope (Score 1) 194

The most delicious reasons for carrying cash: Additionally, how would paying a restaurant bill split between several folks work with this system? Hand the waitress a stack of mobile phones? Sounds awkward. This NFC thing does not sound suited for dining out yet, which is arguably my favorite way to spend money.

Colleges Stepping Up Anti-Cheating Technology 439

Bruce Schneier's blog highlights a New York Times piece on high-tech methods for detecting student cheating. Schneier notes, "The measures used to prevent cheating during tests remind me of casino security measures." "No gum is allowed during an exam: chewing could disguise a student's speaking into a hands-free cellphone to an accomplice outside. The 228 computers that students use are recessed into desk tops so that anyone trying to photograph the screen — using, say, a pen with a hidden camera, in order to help a friend who will take the test later — is easy to spot. Scratch paper is allowed — but it is stamped with the date and must be turned in later. When a proctor sees something suspicious, he records the student's real-time work at the computer and directs an overhead camera to zoom in, and both sets of images are burned onto a CD for evidence." The Times article quotes from research published a few months back suggesting that the more you copy homework, the lower your grades.

Comment Re:Owned (Score 1) 540

It's a different scenario with movies though, because there are so many more people and so much more money invested and involved. An indie band can be just a handful of people with their instruments recording in somebody's house, but with a movie, there's casting, cameras, crew, and so much more. I agree with you though- I enjoy buying CDs right from the band at their merch table at a show. There just isn't a comparable equivalent for movies.

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