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Comment Archibald Buttle (Score 1, Informative) 227

I'm surprised the parent was moderated down. This incident bears a striking similarity to the plot of Brazil. I guess this means that Great Britain (and the rest of the western world) have become "bureaucratic, totalitarian government is reminiscent of the government depicted in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four".

Comment CP/M didn't really take off... (Score 1) 146

CP/M was wildly popular. Take a look at the DOS Technical Reference Manual and you will see that the DOS system calls are basically identical to the CP/M ones. The only real difference is that DOS uses INT 5 instead of CP/M's CALL 5 to invoke system services. This article describes the striking similarities and why they might exist.

Comment Re:I'm all for that with only one condition... (Score 1) 1321

Thank you for showing your true colors. Justifying illegal behavior by citing other allegedly illegal/immoral acts is a slippery slope. No nation is perfect, but the ones that respect civil rights and the rule of law generally have less corruption and are more prosperous.

Why not try sneaking into Mexico (or any other country) and see what happens when you get caught?

Comment Re:I'm all for that with only one condition... (Score 1) 1321

Voting is a right for CITIZENS. Here in Los Angeles, illegal voting is rampant and that's just the way our governments (city, county, state) like it. The illegals generally vote Democratic and as long as a Democratic super-majority exists, the government will do everything it can to continue the status quo. California has AB160 (driver licences for illegal aliens) as well as AB1461 (motor voter). All the illegal alien need do is check a box on the form when getting a driver license and they are automatically registered to vote with NO PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP. Deny it all you like, but I have first hand knowledge that it is a widespread problem.

Comment Re:And how long... (Score 1) 191

Only the quad junction gallium arsenide cells are that efficient, and only when solar concentrators are used. Those cells are only used on satellites because they cost over 100 times more than mono/poly crystalline silicon cells. Amorphous cells are very cheap, but do not approach the efficiency of silicon. Also, none of these technologies will last indefinitely. Photodegradation will eventually degrade or destroy any existing solar cell technology.

Comment I'm all for that with only one condition... (Score 1) 1321

Let's also require proof of citizenship for voter registration, and require proper identification to cast a vote.

Here’s my top ten list of things that are racist because they require an ID:

#10 Buying alcohol – You can’t legally purchase alcohol anywhere in the United States unless you are at least 21-years old. You also can’t purchase alcohol without showing proper ID, even if you look old enough. Not only is this practice racist because many minorities don’t have identification, but it also promotes ageism and profiling. We can help heal the racial wounds of the past by taking everyone at their word that they are old enough to buy a 40 of malt liquor.

#9 Buying cigarettes – Same deal as with alcohol, only the age requirement varies from state to state. As you know, many smokers are poor and many poor people are minorities so this is doubly racist. In any case, letting 8-year olds buy a pack of Kools is a great way to take a stand against racism.

#8 Renting a car – Can you believe those racist assholes that rent cars actually want to know who you are before they hand over the keys to $40,000 automobile? Rental cars are already covered by insurance; what’s the big deal?

#7 Seeing a movie – Even though the MPAA ratings are not bound by law, movie theater employees will card younger looking patrons before selling them tickets to rated R films. How are minorities supposed to see Tyler Perry and Robert Rodriguez movies when they don’t have the ID to prove they are old enough? It’s like Jim Crow all over again.

#6 Buying a video game – No Game Stop in the country is going to let a teenager walk out of the store with an M rated game without them proving they are at least 17 years old. Denying access to violent video games is something the Nazis did, not a post-racial society.

#5 Bowling – For some racist reason a bowling alley won’t let people bowl in their street shoes. You either have to buy a pair of bowling shoes or rent them from the alley. If you opt for renting, those jerks are going to ask to hold your ID until you return the shoes. This is clearly an example of a de facto tax on the fundamental right to use a large black ball to knock over skinny white pins.

#4 Banking – You can’t open a bank account, write a check, or cash a check without ID. This racist practice of ensuring people are who they say they are and thus should have access to their money is a financial burden on the minority community. If we could eliminate the ID requirement, redistribution of wealth would be easy to attain as the poor would have unrestricted access to much richer folks bank accounts.

#3 Accessing national parks – A few years ago I had to show a valid ID to get on the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Earlier this year I had to leave a valid ID to borrow the recorded tour device at Andrew Jackson’s estate. Why can’t the federal government take my word that I’m not going to blow anything up or that I’ll return something that probably cost a couple hundred dollars?

#2 Flying – Restricting free movement is probably the most racist thing of all. You cannot board a plane without ID and that puts minorities at a distinct disadvantage. Instead, the TSA should simply ask flyers if they are a terrorist and if they have Ebola. If the answer is no to both; let ‘em on the plane. Who would lie about these things?

#1 Gun Ownership – Unlike the other things on this list, which are implied rights, gun ownership is a specific right protected by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. You can’t buy a gun without a valid ID, you can’t possess a gun without valid ID, and you can’t carry a gun without valid ID. If requiring people to show ID to vote is racist, then so is requiring ID to exercise the right to keep and bear arms.

If liberals think voter ID laws are so racist they should advocate the wholesale elimination of identification from our society. People are basically honest, right? If voter fraud is a myth, as they claim, then so must be underage drinking, bad guys with guns, and terrorism. Lets see the democrats try to sell the honor system as means to a safer and more racially harmonious America.

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