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Comment Re:Swatch Internet Time (Score 1) 613

With Internet Time they changed the time line to BMT = Biel Mean Time. (yes it is GMT+1, UTC+1, CET)
Biel/Bienne is in the middle of the watch region of Switzerland and it sits on the border of the Swiss German and French speaking parts of Switzerland, its a bilingual town.
So it is Swiss based.

And really . . . it will be the last clock change we would ever need as all clocks worldwide will be synchronized.
It just that your working day start time will vary depending on where you are in the world, but clocks will never have to be adjusted again.

A huge change to everyone but I think the benefits will make it worth while.
(and while we are at it USA/UK, consider the metric system)

Comment Hobbie = Work you like doing (Score 1) 341

Hobbie = A job you enjoy doing
If that is the case I guess I will work till I die.
I cant wait until I retire and start doing all the things I really love doing.
Not that I dont enjoy what I do now at work but I am building a machine that is not for me.
I want to pursue MY interests, not my corporations. But my corporations interests also interest me to a certain extent.
I do consider myself lucky to have a job I love . . . . but in retirement I will be able to wallow in my hobby bliss.

Submission + - Samsung's Smart Watch Coming Sept. 4 (

lager_monste writes: Samsung will launch its smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, on Sept. 4 ahead of the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany.
Lee Young-hee, VP of Samsung's mobile business, confirmed the date and some details about the device in an interview with The Korea Times.
Samsung's Smart Watch Rumored to Come in Five Colors


Submission + - Ubuntu announces Inter-Face eyewear (

lager_monste writes: Don't call it an interface. Call it an inter-FACE.
Miniaturisation has come a long way. Back in the sixties, computers filled whole rooms. By the eighties, they could fit on your desktop. In the nineties we got used to carrying our PCs around and, in the last decade, the smartphone has made pocket productivity a daily reality for knowledge workers across the globe. Now, with Ubuntu for Eyewear, Canonical introduces a new class of personal productivity device, so unobtrusive that neither you nor your co-workers need even know it's there.

The Internet

Submission + - Anonymous to take down the Internet 31 March (

lager_monste writes: A recent threat, purportedly from the hacker group Anonymous, stated boldly that its members would stop the internet on 31 March.
The term "Operation Blackout" was coined and it caused much discussion in all the usual forums.
Those issuing the threat even stated how they would do it. They claimed they could disable the Domain Name Service (known by engineers as the DNS) and that would stop the internet. How so?


Submission + - The Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked! (

lager_monste writes: Samsung previously made it known that the Galaxy S III would not be announced at Mobile World Congress.

But it leaked anyway. And it might steal the show. Forget about the HTC One X and Sony Xperia U, the Samsung GSIII will be the Android phone to beat in 2012.

Inside the Galaxy S III is said to be a quad-core Samsung Exynos CPU running at 1.5GHz. It will power a 4.8-inch 16×9 display that’s reportedly a Blu-ray display — whatever that means. A 2MP resides in the front bezel while an 8MP is embedded around back. BGR doesn’t state the target carrier(s) but the phone will rock a 4G LTE radio.

Comment All Web Based on LAMP (Score 1) 492

eGroupware has all the features of Outlook with project management tools, wiki, time manager, file share access all thrown in.

And its web based so it works across platform.

It connects to POP and/or IMAP email servers and can support 100's of users on a slow server.

I replaced my web email solution with this and now use it for a whole lot more.

A great project.

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