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Comment Re:stolen, not free (Score 1) 364

As a content creator, if there's no right for me to profit off of my work, I would give second thoughts of spending the time and effort to create it in the first place. I have to eat, I need a place to live. If I am to spend any significant amount of time creating something (and plenty of games have significant development cycles), I need money simply to live in order to do that. Therefore my creation has value, insofar as my cost of living while creating it. I need to recoup that cost somehow.

Yes, many people create content for fun and give it away for free, and that's certainly their right. Hell FOSS thrives under this model and I'm incredibly grateful for it (and hence give back in my own contributions). Most developers, even FOSS ones that aren't in school any longer, usually work for dev shops that produces some content of value that is sold or licensed. They make their living in that fashion so they can give other works away for free.

As a content creator, it should be up to me what the value of my content contributions are, and if I feel they warrant a price I should be able to set that and have the free market determine if others think it valuable.

Note I'm speaking in the general sense of piracy and copyright, not in the edge cases mentioned in various threads here like DRM preventing you playing an old game that doesn't work on a modern OS. Those are different scenarios entirely.

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