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Comment Bill and Company are good at diverting blame (Score 2, Interesting) 146

When you have billions and throwing it around politicians are definitely going to kiss your ass and the press will to. Bill's schools are dropping like flies, and he happily deflects blame because money will keep the ideas moving whether or not they are worth a shit. In Denver, one of the high schools he funded fell flat on its face. It was exposed in a Business Week article entitled "Bill Gates Gets Schooled" ( 6/b3990001.htm), but not really exposed that much.

"We view the decision to move Manual students to other schools as an admission of complete failure," Denver Public School Superintendent Michael F. Bennet wrote in April to two former Denver mayors who had been involved with the school. Concedes Van Schoales, president of the nonprofit that manages Gates grants in Colorado: "We were trying to build a plane as we were taking off, and we crashed."
Van was fired along with the rest of his crew by the next person to head up the department at the Colorado Small Schools Initiative while the media deflected blame from the now Lt governor of Colorado Barbara O'Brien. The city was out a school on the taxpayers dime, a million bucks was blown but more is on the way, and media folks got promotions. You have to love America.

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