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Comment Re:so who decides? (Score 0, Flamebait) 146

Girl, retard.... what's the difference? Once you're killing the unborn and don't have a problem with it, the reason why you do it shouldn't matter at all. If I don't get a blond-hair, blue-eyed boy, then it's the glue factory fot that horse.

Submission + - Zombie Apocalypse has begun (

lacaprup writes: Several news agencies are reporting on the shooting of a zombie by police officers in Miami. The zombie was naked and mauling his victim in broad daylight at 2:00pm EST on Saturday when police arrived on the scene. After yelling at the zombie to release his victim, the police officer was forced to fatally shoot the undead. Although no official agency has called the attacker a zombie per se, it is obvious to this reader what is going on.

Comment Re:Either way (Score 2) 139

You realize that all of Southern society was based on the hierarchical structure that was underpinned by slavery? There's a very good reason why there was never the amount class-based animosity in the South that should accompany a society with such an enormous disparity between rich and poor... a society with zero middle class. Slavery! Every white man - no matter how poor he was - knew he was still good enough to own another human being (whether he had the means to or not), and that he was far superior to any white woman. Everything about Confederate society was held together by slavery... whether you owned them or not. So, yes, even a non slave owning poor man was fighting for the right he had to own another human being if he had the means.

Robert E Lee turned traitor to his country to support a society based on slave labor that held people like him up as feudal lords. He is as despicable an American as has even lived, no matter how pleasant his mannerisms. Lincoln freed the slaves in the Confederate states and not the border states because he had to enact a decision that could not be shot down by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roger Taney. This was the same pro-slave man that authored the Dred Scott decision. As states in rebellion, Lincoln could use his war powers to constitutionally free the slaves in Confederate states without fear of it being overturned. Had you ever read anything about Lincoln, you'd know that he was a practical, pragmatic politician before anything else.

I'd recommend Alan Guelzo's "Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation"

Comment Re:Either way (Score 4, Interesting) 139

Good lord, I see we have a Lost Cause adherent here. Try reading the records from the seccession conventions of any of the Southern states. How about Alexander Stevens' Cornerstone Speech? State's rights was a myth made up by ex-Confederates AFTER the war was over. Men like Jubal Early, P.G.T. Beauregard, Alexander Stevens and Jefferson Davis made it their duty after the war to totally obscure slavery's role what the confederacy stood for. Literally, hundreds of historians have destroyed the foolish notion of the war for state's rights. Any of these books will enlighten you.

Comment Re:As Krugman says (Score 1) 311

I guess it's too much trouble to actually read Krugman - or even know the facts.

How do these facts work:

"Consider, for example, the prediction Krugman made the day Obama signed the original stimulus bill into law: “I am still guessing that we peak out at around 9% [unemployment] and that would be late this year [2009]." Furthermore, Krugman declared that double-digit unemployment was “not the most likely event.” As Norquist and Lott note, unemployment hit 10.1% and remained above 9% two years after Krugman predicted it would peak.

Once it became clear that President Obama’s stimulus plan had failed to ignite the economic recovery he promised, Krugman and others began scrambling for excuses to explain why Obama’s spending spree hadn’t worked. One explanation Krugman offered was that right-wingers had erroneously claimed government spending had increased when it hadn’t:

"So as I said, the big government expansion everyone talks about never happened....And federal aid to state and local governments wasn’t enough to make up for plunging tax receipts in the face of the economic slump....[T]here’s a widespread perception that government spending has surged, when it hasn’t—is that there has been a disinformation campaign from the right, based on the usual combination of fact-free assertions and cooked numbers."

As Norquist and Lott reveal, Krugman’s claims rely on a slippery game of sleight of hand; Krugman cherry-picks the only year when total government spending dropped, which was from 2009 to 2010, “and even then, it was still much higher than just a couple of years earlier.” In point of fact, note the authors, government spending has grown 12 percent since 2008 and 20 percent since 2007. "

Comment Re:As Krugman says (Score 2, Insightful) 311

But you can sit their in your smug, self-righteous libertarianism and keep pretending Krugman is a hack who hasn't consistently made very accurate predictions and the Nobel prize in economics is a fraud

Krugman has consitently failed to predict anything since he helped lead Enron into an abyss about 14 years ago. Almost eveything he espouses has been proven to be bunk in the wake of Greece, Spain and Portugal in Europe, and his claims of "not enough spending" on the failed Obama stimulus plans is the type of overly general crap that mean nothing. Typical Keynesian... "no matter how much we spend, it's never enough." Further, he has more than once taken obvious disengenuous positions about a true Nobel laureate, Milton Friedman. Seeing as how his sheep-like readership has never actually read Freidman, they'll never know.

Comment Re:correlation != causation (Score 0) 311

A whole lot of garbage here. 16 million... that's 16 million Americans fought in WWII (U.S. population was 135 million at the time). You were able to take them out of the normal workforce and put them into a the military service. Every one of them that died or became disabled was one that didn't go back into the workforce when the war was done. Let's add on to this that U.S. was the only major industrial economy that didn't have their land turned into a pile of rubble by WWII. In the immediate post WWII era U.S. GDP was 25% of world-wide GDP! That is what saved the U.S. economy, not Keynesian pipe dreams. Unless, of course, you're saying that Keynesian policy is actually meant to foment the death of millions upon millions of people world wide so that the country who impleaments it is the only one left standing at the end. I think I'll take Milton Friedman's view of liberty and prosperity instead.

Submission + - Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again (

lacaprup writes: "Princeton physics professor, William Happer, editorializes in the Wall Street Journal about the lack of coorelation between computer model predictions and observed reality of the effects of global warming."

Submission + - Gamers ignore corpse in Internet cafe (

lacaprup writes: C-net reports that Chen Rong-Yu, a 23-year-old gamer in New Taipei, Taiwan, died while playing League of Legends Tuesday at public internet cafe. According to reports, Chen's lifeless body sat there for 9 hours before a waitress finally realized he was dead. Up to 30 people were in the same cafe over that period of time.

Comment Re:They're both delusional (Score 1) 94

Some good points, but you're forgetting the beneficially technological offshoots of the space program. If Kennedy hadn't pushed us to the Moon in the 1960s, we wouldn't have gotten the offshoot technologies that we did as soon as we did, Further, don't just pass off the PR benefits like they are nothing. Astronauts were childhood heroes to many people in the US, and the space program was a dream. That sort of national sentiment is important... if not quantifiable.

Comment He mentions the Outer Space Treaty... (Score 0) 94 if the United States (or any other nation to first successfully colonize the moon) would pay one bit of attention to it. Now, if a successful colonization mission took the form of a joint venture, or even a corporate venture, issues of sovereignty will doubtlessly come to the fore. Frankly, I can't see one good reason that a nation that made it to the moon 40+ years ago cannot colonize it today.

Comment Really, what is going to be the end result? (Score 0) 382

Many millions of poor people around the world will be displaced, die of lack of nutrition/water and maybe we'll have wars over resources. How is that any different than today? I'm not poor and I don't live in a poor country. Why should I care? One need only look to Amsterdam to see how intelligent, resourceful people will handle any and all problems climate change will bring. Too bad, so sad, Africa.

Submission + - All four GOP candidates come out against SOPA/PIPA ( 1

lacaprup writes: "In last night's CNN debate, all four prospective GOP candidates came out against SOPA/PIPA. Three of the candidates (Paul, Romney and Gingrich) came out very strong in opposition to this legislation, while Santorum made it clear that he does back some form of legislation to stop internet piracy."

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