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Comment Compromised not equal to brute force login (Score 1) 153

This article is stupid. Who says compromised accounts are gained by password guessing? There are many other ways:

  • Phished
  • Same password used at another service which was phished
  • Keylogger malware
  • Technology exploit (e.g. website)
  • Security questions too easy to crack

Brute force is uncommon these days, because there is technology to limit password guessing.

Comment Monty Python material? (Score 1) 203

It is hard to take Slashdot articles seriously these days. Lots of hype and wacky stuff announced as almost ready. Who runs this now? They must have a seat next to the kool aid tank.

I can think of dozens of reasons why the adhesive idea is stupid. Here is where thinking goes bad: one single scenario is considered and then they stop thinking. The scenario is: new car, no hand buffed wax, warm climate, city speeds, honest driver who will stop and help injured people, and a mild hit at a cross walk.

The average all-in-one car polish includes an abrasive, and over the years would likely remove any film, or the car may be impossible to wax and buff.

The climate where I live goes down to -20 C at times, and I'm in the southern zone of Canada. Cars are often covered by several inches of snow or ice. Does the adhesive work at cold temperatures, or does it activate and cling to several pounds of snow and ice?

The adhesive would bind to clothes and any carried objects. It wouldn't necessarily keep the person still and depends on the strength of the clothing. In some cases of loose garments, it could lead to dragging the body on the road if they didn't stop quickly. This can be an important factor because there are hit and runs.

How does it deal with adhering to skin? Sounds like it could be worse than a typical crazy glue accident.

So do these people have a wacky idea, get it posted to slashdot and have people like me do the work of hitting the potential flaws?

Comment Youtube documentary fragment (Score 1) 132 Planes That Never Flew - The American SST - Boeing 2707

I was just watching this earlier today. The two problems have been: sonic booms over populated areas, and necessity of Titanium to handle the heat at the leading edges. At least when this documentary was made, the metal choice still had no better solution than back in the 70's, and it was too expensive then. The development of an American SST that could do Mach 3 was mandated by Kennedy, and they could not deliver. The Concorde was permitted to do supersonic flight only over the Atlantic.

I don't know if many have experienced the shock wave of breaking the sound barrier. I was in a mobile home in northern Arizona when some fighter jets broke mach. The trailer rocked and I thought it might be an earthquake. It isn't merely like a thunderstorm as some say.

Comment Re:sci-hub uses compromised University accounts (Score 1) 145

I work in IT administrating such a system. What unbelievable ignorance to mark my comment as a troll. I've seen the traffic coming from sci-hub, I'm not making it up. I've discussed with other University IT admins. Who the hell is scoring this stuff?

It appears the technical knowledge component in this discussion is nil, and this discussion has become about the liberation of data or something.

Now, I am not at all surprised at Trump becoming President. People don't know anything, even if the truth is placed right in front of them. Political aims and emotional state overwhelm all logic.

Wikipedia entry on sci-hub: Quote: New papers are uploaded daily after accessing them through .edu proxies.

That is via compromised accounts, folks. These are not the good guys.

Comment sci-hub uses compromised University accounts (Score 0, Troll) 145

A big part of the sci-hub access is via Universities which run ezproxy or similar, so their students can access online textbooks, journals, and resource material. The Universities pay significant money to subscribe to these resources. The Sci Hub organization needs credentials at a University to login to the service like ezproxy. At any given time, Sci-Hub have several credentials at several institutions and they can rotate the load so it isn't all put on a few accounts and institutions. Sci-Hub obtain the credentials by phishing the account login data, or in some cases students violate the terms of their agreement with their institution and sell their credentials to Sci-Hub. You can call it "downloading", but it is theft. It is theft of the credentials, theft of the Universities' resources and theft of the online resource material.

Comment Pastebin is their only security method? (Score 1) 39

The response that they check pastebin regularly indicates a poor level of security. Doesn't that compare to using Kijiji to see if you've been robbed recently?

Oh, and the password complexity... As someone who works in IT and has seen the passwords real people use, the ones I saw in the pastebin are about right for the length, complexity, etc. These are just people listening to music, not IT workers or similar with better practices.

Comment Law of averages logic sucks (Score 1) 400

This law of averages logic is stupid. Do you want your cancer removed ASAP, or do you want to wait for surgery to be extended to the average wait time? Perhaps laws which are seldom prosecuted can be removed because the average court case doesn't need them? How about ceilings reduced to 6 feet 4 inches tall because most people can handle it and we get more floors per elevation feet of building? Heck, put us in coffins with life support and diapers for airline travel, to get the most persons per flight. At what point is the pursuit of efficiencies and pure bean counting thinking understood to be super dumb?

Average people can run, can chase moving buses, or hang on to something while simultaneously paying their fare. Others cannot, but it doesn't mean they should be left out of these services.

Comment Description, picture not what they are thinking (Score 1) 53

The picture is a crappy design. Inspired by box kite perhaps? Good at drag, not performance. This is misleading on the actual design.

The power is from a conventional petroleum engine. It is hard to believe that is where they would want it to be: converting fuel into electricity at low efficiency and output.

How about putting the Lockheed Martin "fusion that fits in a truck" inside there. That is the kind electrical power output and range you want for heavy and fast VTOL.

Comment Re:What is wrong with you people? (Score 1) 464

I agree the majority of the coverage and comments don't get it. I think there is a sense that we want to respect his family's wishes for privacy and not make this into a CNN parade. I think people feel that tributes to his legacy are more fitting to remembering him than a media treatment. At the same time, I think there is an unresolved question around police brutality which needs to be answered. Someone in the know should say something to confirm what was happening in his life. I can imagine many things which may have contributed to his mental state spiralling down, but I don't know if any of the possibilities are likely. A person might say he did some stupid things, but if you look at it another way, the first responders only helped the people who complained of noises, they did not help the person who was at the source of the issue. Did he need counselling, did he need detox, did he need to talk to a friend, did he have any friends he could rely on? If I had a personal issue, I would not take it to twitter, but to family or friends. Around Christmas, many people suffer from loneliness. Maybe this, family matters, other issues, piled up? Hard to know when no one is talking about it.

Comment OK then, why was Watergate wrong? (Score 2) 395

The thing that pisses me off about the view of "I've got nothing to hide, spy away", is that it isn't about you, or me. The problem with domestic spying is that it provides a secret police tool to whomever is in power at the moment. Watergate was wrong legally, and also violated our sense of fair election practices. People knew there was a principle close to democracy which was being violated by Richard Nixon and his pals when they intended to secretly tape record a meeting of Democrats. Any secret spy apparatus can be abused by someone in power to remain in power. Just imagine if the opposition's moves, information and political strategy are always known to the group in power. It provides a huge strategic advantage to the group having access to this information. By the very nature of the spy activity, the use of it for political advantage never need be reported. There are two pillars to a free and democratic society. One is the freedom to vote based on your views. The other is the fairness of the political system, which includes open access to media, no tampering with the vote, etc. The spy powers in the hand of one ruling party destroys the fairness of the political system.

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