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Comment Re:Flip Argument (Score 1) 1128

Where is this evidence of running away? Where is this evidence of being on his knees? I guess you think looting the stores of those not even party to the issue at hand is acceptable as well? As long as you are in dreamland, how much money did you voluntarily give to genuine charitable causes last year, as I am certain your next argument is that he is a victim of the "income gap" as well.

Comment Re: Flip Argument (Score 2) 1128

My thoughts exactly. Maybe he shouldn't have robbed the store. Maybe he shouldn't have charged the cop. Maybe the parents raised him to be the victim. We all make choices that, in hindsight are pretty stupid. Charging and armed cop after you just robbed a convenience store rates right up there with stupid decisions. I can' say definitely, but looked to me like the "child" (he was over 18, so he legally is not a child) was much bigger than the officer. I can't say this is fact, but from what I read and saw last night, the thug got what was coming to him. I don't charge folks when I am angry, and I am a big guy. That said, you do the same thing to me, and one of us will go down. None of those choices listed above are dependent on skin color.

Comment A little off subject... but I have almost 100 PCs (Score 1) 115

I am looking for the right Veterans Organization (Semper Fi to my fellow Marines) to give some Dell Optiplex PCs.. USB 2.0, 200 GB disks, Intel Video. I served during the first Gulf war, so I know what you are talking about. Any suggestions. North Texas is preferred to reduce shipping costs.

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