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Comment building applications (Score 1) 88

Actually, I think the terms used are quite adequate. With one exception, we still don't have anything that even remotely resembles AI, not even close. The tools and machine learning methods we can deploy can indeed help devs build applications, I agree with that, with good code searches, easier to use dev tools, and so on. However, as someone who doesn't as much build apps, but research, create and develop actual algorithmic solutions, all this fuss is about nothing really. Until we indeed reach a point to have something that we can call AI - which even optimistically I don't think I will live to see - which could actually create complete solutions for you after describing the problem to be solved, no real dev has anything to fear.

Those app builders, well, I can't say much about that, but I'd welcome anything that can speed up building an app around a solution to make it usable and presentable. Anything doing that, AI or not, bring it on.

Comment Re:As a European... (Score 3) 372

>To those of us whose parents or grandparents had to live and suffer through WW2

>That is very much what the rules on hate speech are about, preventing those very things to happen again.

I see you didn't learn from WW2. Hate speech didn't cause it. Hate speech caused the jews to be targeted in particular, yes, but the war itself was caused by terrible economic conditions as a result of WW1. Censorship will not prevent WW3.

Comment speaker with screen (Score 1) 84

So it will be a 7" tablet with a huge speaker bulging at its back :) great design choice :) So, just thinking here, if you were to release a 7" regular tablet with all Alexa functions that could connect to a bluetooth speaker, so you could put the tablet and the speaker wherever you please, now, by all means, that would be the most revolutionary product ever :)

Now the only thing left to try to decode is what the freaking hell "this time it is more premium" means. Maybe they will make a less premium, a premium, a more premium and a supremely premium version, and maybe the latter will have a 60" screen with speakers on it that you could watch from your couch.

Gee, so many possibilities for innovation here, your head just keeps spinning :P

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 1) 99

>ALL autodialing systems should be illegal and a criminal offense.

What does that mean exactly? I manage auto dialing and notification systems for doctors offices that notify people they have appointments coming up. So I assume you mean unsolicited dialing. Of course in that case these groups will try to buy into existing lists so they aren't "unsolicited".

Comment purest idiotism (Score 2) 54

"both states sued the FCC and in August won reinstatement of their laws that protect private ISPs from municipal competitors"

Competition at its finest, right, when the priority is to protect [i.e., give undeserved priority and undeserved advantage to] companies from municipal "competitors". Protecting companies by denying the people/communities to spend their own money to create their own services for their own benefit (which is basically, although indirectly, being done here). Dream come true, nicely done.

Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 1) 232

You have a problem.

First, there are lots of little chunks of stuff that have helium in it. A huge number are very small, but close enough to out gas and show up in a low resolution version of your survey.

That's where the problem comes in. This planet is very far out. If it is in the far reaches of its orbit, very little sunlight is going to hit the planet. You're going to have to capture very high resolution images to even get a few photons from this object. And they will be hidden by the myriad of closer objects.

Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 1) 361

>Political parties aren't government.

Dumbest thing I heard yet today.

That's why every year of my life I can remember the news reports "Republicans passed X in congress" "Democratic president vetoed bill Y"

Either you are spreading misinformation, or suffer from ignorance on how the system actually works.

Comment Re:Some truth... (Score 1) 270

"However Google has been much more open with their data. Google's automated car was just past 1.3million miles before its first automated accident: a minor fender bender."

However, Google's algorithms are not Tesla's algorithms are not Volvo's algorithms are not Daimler's algorithms are not Toyota's algorithms and so on and so forth. My point is, one developer's miles driven and safety (or accident) reports have nothing to do with another's.

Also, number of accidents and/or resulting deaths don't mean much when the size of the actually deployed fleet of cars is so low. Yes, yes, I know, Tesla is churning out cars like mad, still, their numbers are close to insignificant. When they will have tens or hundreds of millions of cars out there, then their safety/accident numbers will mean something. But, they'll never ever be zero, there's just no chance, unless all cars just stand still in their garages.

My view on this issue is that until I don't see Volvo or Daimler selling cars with full autonomous driving capabilities, and until Google's car division doesn't say the algorithms are nearing applicability, I won't trust any company selling autonomy features. Why? Because Daimler has been working on this much longer and Google has been developing much longer, and until they don't say it's OK, it won't be OK, it's that simple.

Comment small numer? wtf? (Score 1) 133

"Microsoft received a small number of reports [...] a small fraction of users [...]"

F*ck it, these PR-morons never learn. When you have millions of users, no number is small, and no fraction is small, and when you say it is, you make yourself look like an idiot. And if you don't know that, then it's more than just the looks.

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