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Comment nothing wrong... (Score 1) 252

"a large chunk of the population believes that they're doing nothing wrong"

No, it means that a very large chunk of the population has a different opinion about digital content consumption.Not easily dismissed.

However: "a representative survey of over 1,000 respondents" - Now, forget everything above, this whole thing is just another joke. A representative survey.


Comment misuse of your personal data (Score 1) 55

"misuse of your personal data" - Well, that's not going to happen. No insurance company will want to now your approved sensor data score before calculating your fees, copays and deductibles and they won't ever give penalties for not wearing your sensors. No lending company will want to know your score before financing your car, house, etc. and calculating your rates. No company will want to know your score before hiring you for the long or short term or estimating work capability or endurance. No airline will want to know your score to calculate how high a risk you are and calculate your ticket price or extra insurance fees. Nobody will do this, all will be well, and all this will only benefit you all. Nobody will be left behind, there'll just be some who'll never get there.

Comment Re:I feat they will put WiFi in every telephone ne (Score 1) 376

>The worst thing my TV can do if hacked is stop working completely and forever.

Or turn into part of a botnet attacking other peoples websites. Maybe you're on a metered connection and you'll go over your bandwidth quota.

Oh, and maybe you have one of those smart TVs that responds to voice commands and can be turned into a listening device.

Maybe the firmware settings like to reset themselves on the TV every 6 months so it starts looking for the nearest open wireless to connect to.

Comment Re:people are tired of recycled movie plots (Score 1) 189

Read those and you'll see why there is only a limited number of stories to be told. If you see 30 movies in your life they will all be pretty original. If you see 30 movies a year, the limited breadth of humanity will be apparent.

Comment Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 189

If you pay to go to a movie, especially if you pay a lot to go to it (expensive ticket, expensive concessions), you will view it as being better than one you viewed cheaply or free. This is true for almost any product with price discrimination. People that pay more for a product feel better about the product in general even if it is the same product as the lower price choices.

Comment Re:hey, how about you don't do that (Score 1) 212

>Why, so that they get a guilty plea and don't have to actually find, assess and present evidence?

That's not 'completely' true. The DA has to present the plea deal to a judge (in theory the same judge that you would have your trial in front of) and the judge tell the DA the plea is not accepted because of lack of evidence and that it must be brought to trial.

Comment apple magic (Score 1) 189

"But Apple must ensure that both earpieces receive audio at the same time to avoid distortion, the person familiar with their development said."

So, I make a phone, shove it down your throats saying you either can buy generic crappier than crappy crap BT headphones or you can buy my fantastic BT headphones. There's only one catch: in can only play music in canon, but don't worry, I'll just need a bit to come up with a convincing selling point to convince you this is the technology of the future and all music was actually meant to be listened this way. Now go, spread the word.

Next time I'll convince you breathing is bad for you.

Comment building applications (Score 1) 107

Actually, I think the terms used are quite adequate. With one exception, we still don't have anything that even remotely resembles AI, not even close. The tools and machine learning methods we can deploy can indeed help devs build applications, I agree with that, with good code searches, easier to use dev tools, and so on. However, as someone who doesn't as much build apps, but research, create and develop actual algorithmic solutions, all this fuss is about nothing really. Until we indeed reach a point to have something that we can call AI - which even optimistically I don't think I will live to see - which could actually create complete solutions for you after describing the problem to be solved, no real dev has anything to fear.

Those app builders, well, I can't say much about that, but I'd welcome anything that can speed up building an app around a solution to make it usable and presentable. Anything doing that, AI or not, bring it on.

Comment Re:As a European... (Score 3) 373

>To those of us whose parents or grandparents had to live and suffer through WW2

>That is very much what the rules on hate speech are about, preventing those very things to happen again.

I see you didn't learn from WW2. Hate speech didn't cause it. Hate speech caused the jews to be targeted in particular, yes, but the war itself was caused by terrible economic conditions as a result of WW1. Censorship will not prevent WW3.

Comment speaker with screen (Score 1) 84

So it will be a 7" tablet with a huge speaker bulging at its back :) great design choice :) So, just thinking here, if you were to release a 7" regular tablet with all Alexa functions that could connect to a bluetooth speaker, so you could put the tablet and the speaker wherever you please, now, by all means, that would be the most revolutionary product ever :)

Now the only thing left to try to decode is what the freaking hell "this time it is more premium" means. Maybe they will make a less premium, a premium, a more premium and a supremely premium version, and maybe the latter will have a 60" screen with speakers on it that you could watch from your couch.

Gee, so many possibilities for innovation here, your head just keeps spinning :P

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