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Comment Re:What's the Problem? (Score 1) 419

Reactionary changes of ones behaviour to the world doesn't work well. It works with evolution because a lot of things die every generation. We don't want that with our world. If people start caring about science when global warming floods the cities, it is a bit late. The point is, the way society value science is wrong, and unless the "market" makes an adjustment soon, a recession will hit to make a finance analogy.

And what is with the personal insults. I wasn't a math geek and barely studied anything. If anything, I was a over-weight lazy bastard during high school apart from the occasional game of basketball and rugby.

I wouldn't mind others ranting that I am ignorant, I can only hope for such a day to come. The fact that I don't spend most of my time reading or learning, but still seem to know quite a bit more than the average person, quite frankly, scares me. I don't know any other way to put it.

Natural has many definitions, one of which is "normal and expected". Just because it is not general in the adult population, doesn't mean it is not natural. Last time I checked, most infants are extremely curious. Also, I was implying that there ought to be a natural urge to answer the "How" questions, not that there is already one. Your logic is a bit off.

And the Paris Hilton line was a joke (lame I admit in retrospect), lighten up....

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