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Comment Re:What can be done about terrorism? (Score -1) 2087

TOTAL RANT whatever bitch.

reason went out the window with the crashes and murders of hundreds, if not thousands.

If you are a militant Arab, you are a suspect. Evidence says so.

frankly, nothing but complete and total ANNIHILATION of the perpetrators AND their hosts (even if it's a whole fucking country), will suffice.

If you don't like that, please move your FUCKING LOSER ASS to the nearest terrorist-loving state ASAP. We won't miss you.

Frankly this goes for all you anti-American losers!!!

As much as a lameness filter is needed for shit like trolls, a cocksucking loser filter is needed for every anti-American post from now ever on.

Unless VALinux is a tool of Afghanistan...I sure hope not!!! /TOTAL RANT

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