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Comment Re:Why so hung up on a race? (Score 1) 1005

...Show me where this happens with races reversed. Race absolutely changes how the law is applied. This has been statistically proven over and over and over and over.

I guess you are right. Look up Roderick Scott from Greece, NY in 2009, a black man who, under somewhat similar circumstances, was acquitted of first degree manslaughter after shooting and killing a young white male (who was where he did NOT belong in the middle of the night, apparently breaking into cars).

Where were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton weighing in and making hay on that one? Where were the marching crowds wearing hoodies and chanting "We are Christoper Cervini"? Did Spike Lee ever-so-helpfully tweet the wrong address and send a mob to the wrong house, terrorizing people who had no connection to the case other than an unfortunate coincidence of last name?

The national media didn't even carry the Scott-Cervini story, let alone work overtime to twist it around as they have here.

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